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Néologisme créé pour le livre A Clockwork Orange d’Anthony Burgess, issu du russe девочка, dévočka (« jeune fille »).

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devotchka /Prononciation ?/

  1. Dévotchka.
    • This evening in the Korova there was a fair number of vecks and ptitsas and devotchkas and malchicks smecking and peeting away, and cutting through their govoreeting and the burbling of the in-the-landers with their 'Gorgor fallatuke and the worm sprays in filltip slaughterballs' and all that cal you could slooshy a popdisc on the stereo, this being Ned Achimota singing 'That Day, Yeah, That Day'. (Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, 1962)