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Apocope de « true hermaphrodite », c’est-à-dire littéralement « véritable hermaphrodite ».

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herm /Prononciation ?/

  1. (Néologisme) (Extrêmement rare) Personne intersexuée dotée précisément d’un ovaire et d’un testicule.
    • For some time medical investigators have recognized the concept of the intersexual body. But the standard medical literature uses the term intersex as a catch-all for three major subgroups with some mixture of male and female characteristics: the so-called true hermaphrodites, whom I call herms, who possess one testis and one ovary (the sperm- and egg-producing vessels, or gonads); […] (Anne Fausto-Sterling, « The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough », The Sciences, mars/avril 1993, p. 20-24)

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