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Anglais[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Du sens désuet de splendish (« briller »), du latin splendo (« briller »), ou composé de resplend et -ent, du latin resplendo.

Adjectif[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Nature Forme
Positif resplendent
Comparatif more resplendent
/ˌmɔɹ rɪˈsplɛndənt/ ou /ˌmɔː rɪˈsplɛndənt/
Superlatif most resplendent
/ˌmoʊst rɪˈsplɛndənt/ ou /ˌməʊst rɪˈsplɛndənt/

resplendent /rɪˈsplɛndənt/

  1. Resplendissant.
    • The Honorable Mr. Justice Wheeler sat in one of the five high-backed chairs behind it. He was resplendent in a scarlet robe and sash, and a horsehair wig, called a “peruke,” Ryan had been told, that fell to his narrow shoulders and clearly looked like something from another age. (Tom Clancy, Patriot games, 1987.)

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