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De toting, participe passé de to tote.

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-toting \Prononciation ?\

  1. Forme une locution nominale signifiant « portant un — », « chargé de — ».
    • In stretches, this new Apes is an audacious, idiosyncratic piece of blockbuster filmmaking: a mix of Pixar, revenge Westerns, and Apocalypse Now, told almost entirely from the point-of-view of a posse of gun-toting, super-evolved apes as they roam the snowy Sierra Nevada foothills of the post-apocalyptic future, accompanied by a mute human girl, and bear witness to the strange cruelty of man. — (Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, « The ambitious War For The Planet Of The Apes ends up surrendering to formula », The Onion AV Club (7 juillet 2017) → lire en ligne)

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