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Petit lexique frison anglais (3807 entrées).

aadlik of noble birth
aairûn oval
aaiwyt protein
aaklik bleak, dismal, dreary, horrible, ghastly, grisly, nasty
aansen at once, immediately, just, right away, right now
aanst at once, immediately, just, right away, right now
aanstûns at once, immediately, just, right away, right now
aard character, nature, personality / character, nature
aardich attractive / important, serious / charming, lovely
aardichheid entertainment / fun, pleasure / gag, joke
aardig affable, friendly, good-natured, kind / considerable, sizable
aardzje earthen, clay, stone
aartsbiskop archbishop
aartsfader patriarch
aartsingel archangel
aas ace
abee alphabet
abeelje abele
abeeljebeam abele
abonnemint subscription
abrikoas apricot
absurd absurd
acht eight
achtber respectable
achtenearje account, deem, opine, think
achtsje account, deem, opine, think
achtslaan op pay attention to, take account of, take into account
achttjin eighteen
administraasje administration, management / administration, management
administratyf administrative / administrative
administrearje administer, manage
adres address
adressant applicant, petitioner
adressearje address
adressearre addressee / addressee
advertearje advertise, announce, give notice
advertinsje ad, advertisement
advisearje advise, counsel, notify / advise, counsel
advys notification, notice / advice, counsel
aei egg
affearen affair, business, business deal, case, matter
agint agent
agintskip agency
agrarysk agrarian, agricultural, farm-
agresje aggression, aggro
akademikus academic, university graduate
akademy academy / university
akademysk academic / academic
akke magpie
akkoard chord
akkoart accord, accordance, agreement, concurrence / accommodation, adjustment, arrangement / accommodation, accord, agreement
aksint accent, stress / accent
aksje action, activity
aksjebinde action committee, action group
akster magpie
akte document, paper
aktetas brief case, portfolio / briefcase, file
aktivearje activate, put on, start, swotch on, turn on
aktueel current, present, present-day, topical, up-to-date
akwarel water-colour
al already, by now, yet
alaarm alarm
âld old / old
âlden parents
âldens age
âlder parent
alderhanne all, every kind of / all sorts, all sorts of, miscellaneous, of all sorts
Alderheljen All Saints' Day / All Hallows, All Saints' Day
alderminst not at all
Aldersielen All Souls' Day
âlderwetsk old-fashioned, out of date
âldfrinzich old-fashioned, out of date
alfabet alphabet
alfabetysk alphabetical
alfêst all the time, in the meantime, meanwhile / already, by now, yet
algeduerigen constantly, continually, continuously / all the time, ceaselessly
algemien general, universal, worldwide / general, usual
algemienens generality, universality / generality, universality
alhoewol't though, although
alimintaasje alimony
alinea paragraph
alkohol alcohol
allebeide both
allegearre all, altogether, everything / all
alleman all
allergy allergy
alles omfiemjend absolute, complete / overall, total
alles all, altogether, everything / all, all of it
allinken gradually, little by little
allinne alone, only, sole, solitary
allinneferkeap sole agency, sole sale
allinnefertsjinwurdiger sole agent
allinnehearsker absolute ruler, autocrat
allinnespraak monologue, soliloquy
allinnesteand isolated, secluded
alloai property, quality
alluere airs
almachtich almighty, all-powerful, omnipotent
almenak almanac
aloan constantly, continually, continuously / all the time, ceaselessly
alteast at least
altemets now and then
alter altar
altiten always, ever
altyd always, ever
alún alum
alve elf
alwer afresh, again, all over again, anew / afresh, again, once more
alwittend all-knowing, omniscient
ambacht handicraft, occupation, trade
ambysje ambition / fervor, fervour, zeal
Amearika America / United States of America, USA
amendearje amend
amendemint amendment
amer bucket, pail
amerij instant, moment
Amerikaan American / American, US citizen
ammunysje munition, ammunition
amper barely, hardly, only just, scarcely
amperoan almost, nearly
amt function, job, office, post
amtgenoat colleague / colleague
amtlik official / official
amtner officer, official
analisearje analyse
analogy analogy
anatomy anatomy
anderje answer, reply, respond
andert answer, reply
andyvje endive
ang gloss, sheen
angel fishing rod / sting
angelstôk fishing rod
animo activity, gusto, spirit, stir, zest
anjelier carnation, pink
anjer carnation, pink
ankel ankle
anneksaasje annexation / annexation
anneksearje annex
annulearje abjure, abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, remit
anonym anonymous / anonymous, nameless, without a name
ansjofisk anchovy
antifriesguod antifreeze
antikonsepsje- contraceptive / contraceptive
antiloop antelope
antipaty aversion, dislike
antislip- non-skid
antlit face
antrasyt anthracite
antwurd answer, reply
antwurdzje answer, reply, respond
antyk ancient, antique
antykhanneler antique dealer
anys anise
apart apart, particular, separate, special / remote
apel apple
apelsmots apple-sauce / apple-sauce
apenút peanut
apparatuer equipment
appartemint apartment, flat
appel appeal / appeal / parade, roll-call / parade, roll-call
april April
apteek chemist's shop, drugstore
apteker chemist
Arabysk Arabian, Arabic
arbeid job, work
arbeider hand, laborer, labourer, operative, worker, working man, workman
arbeidersman hand, laborer, labourer, operative, worker, working man, workman
arbeidsakkoart labor agreement, labour agreement, labour contract
arbeidsburo employment exchange, labor exchange, labour exchange
arbeidsfermogen energy
arbeidskontrakt labor agreement, labour agreement, labour contract
arbeidsmerk labor market, labour market
arbeidsskeel labor dispute, labour dispute
arbeidsûngeskikt disabled, unfit for work
arbeidzje work
arbitraazje arbitration
argumint argument, plea
argumintaasje argumentation
aristokrasy aristocracy / aristocracy
arke ark
arrestaasje apprehension, arrest, detention
arsjitektoanysk architectonic, architectural
artikel article, commodity / article
artillery artillery
artistyk artistic
as axis, axle / as if, as though, in a way / if, provided that / arbor, shaft, spindle
asjebleaft please
aspekt appearance, aspect, look, sight, view
asperzje asparagus
assistint aid, assistant, helper / aid, assistent, helper
assortimint assortment
assuradeur insurer
assurânsje insurance
astrant arrogant / arrogant / arrogant / arrogant
asyl asylum
atelier workplace
atletyk athletics
atmosfear atmosphere
atoomenerzjy atomic energy
atoomspjalting fission
attest certificate, testimony
attint attentive / kind, obliging
audiïnsje audience
augustus August
autentyk authentic, genuine
auteur author / author, writer
auteursrjocht copyright
auto car
autobân automobile tyre, motor tyre
autodyk motor road, motorway / motor road, motorway
automatisearring automation
automatysk automatic
autonomy autonomy
autopet scooter / scooter
autoritêr authorative
autorydskoalle driving-school, school of motoring
aventoer adventure
aventoerlik adventurous / adventurous
aventoersman adventurer
Aziatysk Asian, Asiatic
baai bay
baaikeamer bathroom
baaikûp bath
baaipak bathing suit, bathing-suit
baaiplak spa
baanbrekkend pioneer
baanfager sweeper
baanfek section
baar wave
baarch hog, pig, swine
baarje undulate
baarne burn
baas boss, chief, leader
baat gain, profit
babbelegûchjes affectation
bagaazje baggage, luggage
bak jug, box, container, vessel
bakboard port side
bakke bake
bakstien brick
baktearje bacterium
balke beam, girder
ballêst ballast
balletdûnseres ballerina, ballet dancer, ballet girl
bandyt bandit
bang meitsje frighten, terrify
bangens fear
bank bank
bankerot bankrupt / bankruptcy, failure
barbaarsk barbaric
bargedútsk jargon
bargeguod pork
bargemotsje guinea-pig
bargje spill
baronesse baroness
barst burst, crack
barste burst
basearje base
bastert bastard
bate avail
batsk proud
batskens pride
batterij battery / battery
bazich arrogant / arrogant / authorative / arrogant
bazinne mistress
bea prayer
beaken buoy
beam tree
beamtegrien foliage
bean bean
beänderje account for, be answerable, be liable, be responsible
beane bean
bear bear
beare feign, pretend
bears bass
bêd bed
bedekke cover
bedjerre spoil
bedongje fertilize
bedraaie cheat, deceive
bedrager cheat, deceiver, imposter
bedriging menace, threat
bedriigje menace, threaten
bedriuw enterprise
bedroch swindle
beetkrije clutch, grab, grasp, grip, seize
beetpakke clutch, grab, grasp, grip, seize
befel command / command, order
befelhawwer commander
befelje command, be in command, order / command, order, tell
befolking population
befrieze freeze
befrije release
begeliede accompany
begelieder accompanist, companian
begelieding accompaniment / accompaniment, escort
begeunstiger patron
begeunstigje favor, favour
begjin beginning, commencement, start / beginning, commencement, start
begjinne begin, commence, start / begin, commence, start
begjinner beginner
begnedigje forgive, pardon
begraffenis burial, funeral, interment
begrave bury / bury, entomb, inter
begrinzgje abridge, confine, limit, restrict
begripe understand, realize
begroetsje greet, salute
begrutsjen compassion, pity
begryplik understandable
behalven apart from, besides, except, except for
beharkje listen
behear administration, management / administration, management
behearder manager
beheare administer, manage
bei berry
beide both
beïerdiging burial, funeral, interment
beïerdigje bury / bury, entomb, inter
bekendmeitsje publish, reveal
bekflaaie flatter
bekjelûkerich acerbic, acrid, tart
bekladderje ascend, climb, scale
bekliuwe ascend, climb, scale
bekoare charm
bekoaring charm
bekoarlich charming, lovely
bekoarlik attractive
bekoartsje abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten
belangstelling interest / activity, gusto, spirit, stir, zest
beleanje compensate, reward
beleanning compensation, reward
belech siege
belegerje besiege
belêste tax
belesting tax
belestingfrij duty-free, tax-free
Belgysk Belgian
belle slut, trollop
Bels Belgian
belslide sledge, sleigh
bemiterje cheat, deceive
benaud afraid, fearful
benaudens agony, anguish, fear / fright
benefter behind
benefterbliuwe be kept in, be detained, remain, stay on
benefterhâlde hold back, keep back, withhold
benefterlitte leave behind
benei almost, nearly
beneistenby almost, nearly
benijing astonishment, wonder, surprise
benoarden above
benutsje make use of, turn to good account, utilize
benzine gasolene, gasoline, petrol
beppe grandmother
beppesizzer grandchild
berabje slander
berch mountain
berchsport mountaineering
berchte mountain chain
berekken calculation, computation
berekkenje calculate, count, figure, work out
bern bairn, child, infant / child
berneftich childish
bernsbern grandchild
berop profession
berte birth
beselskipje accompany
beset busy
besette occupy, take
besibbe affined, akin, related
besifering calculation, computation
besiferje calculate, count, figure, work out
besit possession, property / possession
besite visit
besitte own, possess
besitting possession, property
beskaat apart, particular, separate, special / remote
beskaving civilization / civilization / civilization
beskermeling protégé
beskerming protection / protection
beskermje protect
beskie answer, reply
beskiedend decisive / effective, effectual, efficacious
beskuldige accused, defendant
beskuldiging accusal, accusation
beskuldigje accuse / accuse, blame
besljochtsje accomodate, end, finish, terminate
beslút decision
beslute decide
best best
bestean exist
bestjoerder manager
bestjoere administer, manage
bestraffe punish
bestudearje study
beswierskriftskriuwer applicant, petitioner
besyk visit
besykje attend, call on, see, visit
beteare end, come to an end, end up, expire
betelje pay
beteljen payment
betiid early
betreklik relative
betsjinder waiter / boy, servant
betsjutting meaning
betsjuttingsfol significant
better better
betûft able, capable / accomplished, talented
betûftens ability
betwivelje doubt
beve quiver, shiver, tremble
bewaarje acclimate, acclimatize
bewapenje arm
beweare assert, state
bewearing contention, assertion
beweechlik mobile
bewege actuate, move / move
beweitser guard
beweitsje guard, keep, look after, watch over
bewend accustomed, customary, used to, usual, wonted
bewenner inhabitant
bewiis proof, sign, token
bewize prove
bewûndering admiration
bewûnderje admire
bewustwêzen awareness, consciousness
beynfloeding action, influence
beynfloedzje act, affect, influence
Bibel Bible
bibel bible
bibleteek library
bibletekaris librarian
biddelje beg
bidler beggar
bidlerij begging
bien bone
biente skeleton
biezelok chive
biezem broom
bigge piglet
biidzje abide, expect, wait, await, wait for
bij bee
bijekoer beehive
bijker apiarist, bee-keeper, bee-master
bil thigh
biljert billiards
biljet bill, ticket, note
biolooch biologist
biskop bishop
biskoplik episcopal
bist animal, beast
bite bite
bjirk birch
bjuster quite, very, very much
blabber mud
blaffe bark
blau blue / blue
blaublomke speedwell
blaujufferke dragonfly
blauke rejection
blau-ynske dragonfly
blaze blow
bleat bare, naked, nude
blebberbei blueberry
bled leaf, sheet
bledside page
blessearje hurt, wound
blessearring injury, wound
blessuere injury, wound
bliede bleed
bliid happy, glad
blikiepener can opener, tin-opener
blikstiender darn
bline blind, sightless person
blinens blindness
blinetermûntstekking appendicitis
bloed blood
bloedearmoed anaemia
bloeske blouse
blom bloom, flower
blomkoal cauliflower
blomlêzing anthology / chrestomathy
blommemoanne May
blydskip gladness, joy
blykber apparently, obviously
blykje can, tin, tin can
blyn blind
boai boy, lad, laddie
boaiem bottom, foundation, ground
boaits tub, vat
boal hangman, executioner / torturer
boar bore
boargemaster mayor / burgomaster, mayor, provost
boarger middleclass citizen / citizen
boargerij bourgeoisie
boarst bosom, breast, chest
boarstel brush
boarstelje brush
boarstkast chest
boarststipe bra
boartersguod toy
boartersplak playground
boartsje play
boartsjen game
boask marriage, matrimony / marriage / marriage
boaskje marry, be married, get married / marry, be married, get married
boat boat
boek beech / book
boekebeam beech
boekekast bookcase
boekferkeaper bookseller
boekhâlder book-keeper
boekhanneler bookseller
boekwinkel bookshop, bookstore
boer farmer
boerelân country, countryside
boerepleats estate, farm, property, ranch
boesgroentsje shirt
bôge arc, bow
bok he-goat
bokken red herring
bokse box
bol ball, ball-bearing, globe
bôle bread, loaf
bolle bull
bomwol cotton-wool, wadding
bondel bunch, bundle, cluster, sheaf
bonge bladder, bubble
bonke bone
bonkehurd adamant
bosk forest, woods / bunch, bundle, cluster, sheaf
bot rude / quite, very, very much
botse collide
bou agriculture, farming, tillage / agriculture / farmland
bouboer agrarian, farmer
boufakker builder
boulân farmland
boupleats estate, farm, property, ranch
brandewyn brandy
brâne burn
brânhout firewood
branje fuel
brankaar stretcher
brânkast strong-box
brânmelder fire-alarm, firecall
brânmerk brand
brannettel nettle
brânpunt focus
brânspiritus methylated spirit
brea bread, loaf
brea-iten breakfast
breakrapte famine
breed broad
brêge bridge
breid bride, fiancée / bride
breidsjefte dowry
breidzje knit
brein brain
brekber breakable, brittle, fragile
brekke break / break
brekme absence, lack, shortage, shortcoming
breugeman fiancé / bridegroom
breuk fraction / fraction
briede fry / incubate, sit / roast, toast
briedstoel armchair
brief letter
briefke bank-note
brievebus letterbox, mailbox
brievekaart postcard
brij gruel, mess, mush
brims hornet
Britsk British
broadsje roll
broeier nettle
broer brother
brogge bread and butter
brosjuere leaflet, pamphlet, paperback
brûke apply, practice / employ, use, make use of
brûker consumer / user
brûkme custom, habit, way
brulloft wedding, wedding-party / wedding, wedding-party
brún brown / brown
brûns bronze
brûnzen bronze
bruorren brothers and sisters, siblings
brûs shower / foam, froth
buchel bump, hump
budzjet budget
buffel buffalo
bûgber flexible
buis barrel, channel, pipe, tube
bûn federation
bûnich concise
buordpapier cardboard
buordsje pulpit
buorman neighbour
burd beard
buro desk, writing desk, writing-desk
burokrasy bureaucracy, officialdom
bûsboekje agenda, appointment book
bûsdoek handkerchief
bûse pocket
buskrûd gunpowder
bûslampe electric torch
bûsmês pen-knife
buso bus, autobus, omnibus
bûten outside, outside of / abroad, out, outside / apart from, but, except, other than
bûtenlân foreign country
bûtenlanner foreigner
bûtenlânsk alien, foreign
bûter butter
bûzjy plug, spark plug
by fersin by mistake
by at, beside, by, near, nearby, near to, next to
bydwaan add
byf steak, beefsteak
bygelyks for example, for instance
byld image, picture / stature
byldbuis cathode tube
byldhouwer sculptor
byleauwe superstition
byleauwich superstitious
bylje bark
bynwurd conjunction
byt beet / bite
bytiden several times, sometimes
bywannear't if, provided that
bywenje attend, be present, witness
bywêzen presence
bywêzich present
bywêzichheid presence
bywurd adverb
daagliks by day, during the day, in the daytime / daily
daai dough, paste
dage dawn, daybreak
dak roof
dalik at once, immediately, just, right away, right now
daliks at once, immediately, just, right away, right now
dalje dahlia
dam dam
damp moist / fuzzy, misty / fog, mist / steam, vapor, vapour
dampens damp
dampich fuzzy, misty
damspul checkers
dan then
danich important, serious / considerable, sizable
das badger / shawl
datearje date
dau dew
de administraasje dwaan administer, manage
de klean oandwaan clothe, dress
de the
dea dead / death
deadlik deadly
deadling fool
deadsk dead
deadzje kill, liquidate, slay
deagean die, expire, pass away
deakiste coffin
deale darn
deameitsje kill, liquidate, slay
deasjitte shoot dead
Deensk Danish
definiearje define, determine
definsje defence, defense
dei date / day
deiblêd daily paper, journal, newspaper
deiboek diary
deiljocht daylight
deisk commonplace, dismal, trite / daily
deistich daily
deklaraasje declaration, proclamation
dekoraasje décor, decoration
del down / down, underneath
deldrage slope down
delegaasje delegation
delgean descend, get off, go down
delling valley
delte valley
demokrasy democracy
demonstraasje demonstration
demonstrearje demonstrate
demontearje take apart
Den Haach The Hague
departemint department
depresje depression
deprimearje depress
deputearre delegate, deputy, representative
dêrom on that account, therefore / on that account, therefore
desimber December
desimeter decimetre
despoot absolute ruler, autocrat
destiids then
desynfektearje disinfect
detektive detective
deunens avarice, miserliness, stinginess
devys motto, watchword, slogan
dialekt dialect
died achievement, act, action / accomplishment, achievement, act, action
diel part, Parthian, share
diele divide, separate, share
dielnimme participate
dien jaan discharge, dismiss, fire, sack
dien meitsje accomodate, end, finish, terminate
dien completed, done, finished, over, through / finished, ready, through
dier animal / animal, beast
dieretún zoo
dierlik animal
dieverij abstraction, theft
diktatuer dictatorship
diktearje dictate
diminsje dimension, measurement
din pine, pine-tree
dinnebeam pine, pine-tree
diplomearre certificated, graduate
direkteur director, manager
diske barn, shed, stand
diskriminaasje discrimination
diskusje discussion / discussion
diskusjearje discuss / discuss
disoarder chaos, tangle
distânsje distance, offset
distribúsje distribution
dit that, that over there, those / these, this, this here / these, this, this here
dize fog, mist
dizich fuzzy, misty
djip canal, channel / deep, profound
djippens depth / depth
djipte abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice / depth / depth
djoer dear, expensive / costly, dear, expensive, pricey
djoerte love, value, worth
djur dear, expensive, valuable
do dove, pigeon / pigeon
doale roam, wander
doar door
doare be bold, dare
doarmje roam, wander
doarp village
doarpsman villager
doaze box / jug, box, container, vessel
dobbe hole, ditch, pit / cavity / cave, cavity
dobbelstien die
dodzje doze, nap, slumber
doe then
doedestiids then
doel aim, goal, purpose, target / intention, meaning, plan
doelleas aimless
doe't then
dôf deaf
dôfhûdich disobedient, insubordinate / disobedient, insubordinate
dogge dog
dogmatysk dogmatic
dokter doctor, physician
doktersguod drug, medicine, pharmaceutical
doktor doctor
dokumint document, paper
dominy pastor
dong fertilizer, manure
dongje fertilize
donker bleak, dark, dismal, dreary
dookje thee and thou
dopeart pea
dôvje extinguish, put out
dozyn dozen
draaie turn, turn around, turn round / turn
draak dragon
drachtich pregnant, with young
drage secrete
drank beverage, drink
drastysk drastic
drave trot
dreagje pour off, strain off
dream dream, daydream / dream
dreame dream, daydream, fancy / dream
drek mud
dridze mud
drige menace, threaten
drigemint menace, threat
drinke drink
drip drop, drop of water
drippe drop, fall
driuwe chase, drive, drive on, impel, shoo
driuwend acute
droechmeitsje dry
droechte dryness
droegje dry / dry
drôf bleak, dismal, dreary, gaunt, miserable, sad, somber / dismal, gaunt, miserable, sad / dismal, dreary, sad
dronken drunk, intoxicated
dronkenskip drunkenness, inebriety
drúf grape
druie dry / dry
druk pressure
drukke press, oppress, squeeze
druvebeam vine, grapevine
dûbel double, dual
dûbeld double, dual
dûbelsinnich ambiguous
dúdlik clear, distinct, plain
duitblêd frogbit
dûke dive, plunge
dûker diver
dûm crazy, insane, mad, nuts
dûmens rabies
dûns dance / down, fluff
dûnsje dance
dûnsjen ball, dance
duorje continue, endure, keep on, last
dus so, such, thus
dúst push
dúste push, thrust
Dútser German
Dútsk German
Dútslân Germany
duvekers darn
duvel devil
duvelsk diabolical, devilish
dwaandewei gradually, little by little
dwaen achieve, act, do, make, perform
dwale roam, wander
dwerch dwarf, midget / pigmy
dwers across, beyond, on the other side of
dwêste extinguish, put out
dwylsin craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness / craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness
dwylsinnich crazy, insane, mad, nuts
dwylsinnigens craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness
dyk dike, embankment
dyn your / your
dynamyt dynamite
ea at some time, ever, sometime
eabel respectable
each eye
eachdokter oculist, ophtalmologist
eachlid eyelid
ealjebij wasp
eamelder ant, emmet
eangst agony, anguish, fear / fright
eangstich afraid, fearful
eangstme agony, anguish, fear / fright
ear ear
earbel earring
eare honor, honour
earje honor, honour
earjuster the day before yesterday
earlik above-board, honest
earm arm / miserable, poor / poor
earmbân bracelet / bracelet / bracelet
earmhertich abject, dismal, meager, miserable, wretched
earmleuning arm, arm-rest
earmoed poverty / misery
earmoedich miserable, poor
earmoedig abject, dismal, meager, miserable, wretched
earmsholte armpit
earmstoel armchair
earmtakke elbow
earn eagle / miser, niggard, skinflint
earne mei ynstimme acclaim, applaud, clap
earne anywhere, somewhere
earnich avaricious, miserly, stingy
earnstich earnest, serious, staid
earrebarre stork
earrebarrebek crane's-bill
ears anus, arse
earsling reverse, reversed
earst first / first, firstly, first of all
earsucht ambition
ear't before, previous to
eart pea
easkje demand, postulate, require
easten east, East
Eastenriker Austrian
Eastenryk Austria
Eastenryksk Austrian
eastersk eastern, Oriental
Eastsee Baltic Sea
eat anything, something
eazje pour, rain cats and dogs
ebbe low tide
edelman nobleman
edelstien gem, jewel / jewel
effekt effect
efter de pûst breathless
efter behind, after / after, behind
efterbaks behind one's back, underhand
efterbernsbern greatgrandson
efterdoar back-door
eftergrûn background
efterheaksel extension, suffix
efterhoede rear, rearguard / defence, rear, rearguard
efterholle back of the head, occiput
efterinoar at a strech, for ... together, on end / at a strech, for ... together, on end / all the time, ceaselessly / consecutively
efterkant back, reverse, reverse side / back, reverse, reverse side / back, rear
efterlik backward, mentally deficient, retarded
efterljocht rear-lamp, rear-light, tail-light
efterneef second cousin / grand-nephew
efternei at last, finally, ultimately / afterwards, next, subsequently
efterneisitte chase, persecute, prosecute, pursue
efteroan afterwards, next, subsequently
efteroer backward, on one's back / backwards
efterôf remote / distant, far, remote
efterôfbuert back street, slum
eftersitte chase, persecute, prosecute, pursue
efterst backside, rump
efterstallich back, outstanding, overdue
efterstân arrears
efterstefoaren back to front / vice-versa
efterstjûne poop, poopdeck, stern / poop, poopdeck, stern
efterút backwards
efterútgong rear-exit / abatement / decline, going down
efterútride back
efterútstelle subordinate / neglect
efteryn behind
Egyptner Egyptian
eidzje harrow
eigenik selfinterest, selfishness
eigenikkich self-interested, selfish / self-interested, selfish
eigenskip property, quality
eigenskipswurd adjective
eigner owner
eilaas alas, regrettably, unfortunately
eilân island
ein duck / end, ending
einichst last
einleas everlasting
ek also, likewise, too
eker field
ekonomy economics / economy
ekonomysk economical
eksamen investigation, examination, test
eksperimintearje experiment
eksploitearje exploit, utilize
ekstra additional, extra
ekwivalint equivalent
elastysk elastic
elektrisiteit electricity
elektrysk electric
elemint element
elemintêr elemental, elementary
elkenien all
els alder
elzebeam alder
elzenbeam alder
emigrearje emigrate
en and
enoarm enormous
ensafuorthinne and so on, et cetera
ensfh. etc.
ensyklopedy encyclopaedia
er he, him
erch suspicion / suspicion
erchtinken suspicion / suspicion
erchtinkend suspicious / suspicious / suspicious
erf court, yard, courtyard / stichwort
erfdiel inheritance
erfgenamt heir
erflik hereditary
erflikens heredity
ergerje be indignant
ergje guess, presume, suppose, surmise
erve inherit
esk ash
eskebeam ash
etysk ethical
euro euro
Europeesk European
evakuearje evacuate
evangeelje gospel
evener equator
everswyn wild boar
ezel ass, donkey
ezelinne jenny-ass, she-ass
faai dangerous
faak frequently, often, regularly
faaks maybe, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, possibly
faam fame, hearsay, renown, repute, rumor, rumour / bride, fiancée / maid, servant / virgin
faas vase, vessel
faasje speed
fabrisearje fabricate, manufacture
fabryk factory / factory
fak branch, compartment, department, pigeonhole, section, speciality / handicraft, occupation, trade
fakânsje vacation / spare time, time off, vacation
fakânsjegonger tourist
fakant vacant
fakbûn labour-union, trade-union, syndicate
faken frequently, often, regularly
fakentiden frequently, often, regularly
fakferiening trade-union / corporation, trade-union / labour-union, trade-union, syndicate
fakturearje invoice
fakulteit faculty
fal fall
fâld fold / furrow, wrinkle
fâldzje fold
fale abort, fail, miscarry
faleriaan valerian
falle drop, fall
fallisemint bankruptcy, failure
fallyt bankrupt
falsk false
falskerm parachute
famke girl, lass, wench
famylje family
famyljenamme surname
fan in hynder ôfstappe dismount
fan surname
fange capture, catch, grapple
fanille vanilla
fantasij fantasy
fantastysk fantastic, of fantasy
fantasy fantasy
fanwegen because of, for, for sake of, on account of, owing to, through
fanylje vanilla
fariearje vary
fariëtee variety entertainment
farsk wetter fresh water / fresh water
farsk fresh, recent
farwol adieu, farewell, bye, goodbye
fassinearje fascinate
faze phase, stage
fear feather / spring
fearboat ferry
feart speed
febrewaris February
fee livestock
feestdei holiday
feestje celebrate
feestmiel banquet, feast
fegetariër vegetarian
feie sweep
feile abort, fail, miscarry
feilich safe, secure
feilichheidsspjelde safety-pin, safety pin
feiligens safety, security / safety
feiling auction
feint fiancé / youngster, youth / boy, servant
feitlik actual, factual, real / actually, as a matter of fact, indeed, in fact
fek branch, compartment, department, pigeonhole, section, speciality
fekke shrew, vixen, Xanthippe
fel skin
fennoatskip company / circle, club, society
fentilator electric fan, ventilator
fentyl tube, valve
ferachtsje despise
ferantwurdlik accountable, responsible / accountable, responsible / accountable, responsible / accountable, responsible
ferbaarne be burnt down / burn down
ferbaze amaze
ferbazing astonishment, wonder, surprise
ferbergje conceal, hide
ferbettering progress
ferbetterje improve
ferbine combine / connect, connect up, plug in / connect, join / bind, connect, join, tie, tie up
ferbining connection / connection / connection, league
ferbjustere dazed, perplexed, upset
ferbjustering confusion
ferbliidzje make glad
ferblikke fade
ferbliuw stay
ferblynje dazzle
ferbrâne be burnt down / burn down
ferbrekke break
ferbrûke use up
ferbûge bend
ferbyldzje fancy, imagine
ferdiele divide, separate, share
ferdigening defence, defense
ferdigenje defend
ferdivedaasje distraction, diversion / distraction, diversion
ferdjipping floor, storey, story
ferdraachsum tolerant
ferdraaie turn, turn around, turn round
ferdrietlik bleak, dismal, dreary, gaunt, miserable, sad, somber / dismal, dreary, sad
ferdrinke drown / drown
ferdriuwe chase away, drive away, expel
ferdûbelje double
ferduldich patient
ferduldigens patience
ferdwaan waste
ferdwale lose one's way
ferdwine disappear
ferearing adoration, worship
ferearje adore, worship
fereaskje demand, postulate, require
ferfalskje adulterate, falsify
ferfange take the place of
ferfarderij removal, move
ferfarre move / move
ferfier transport
ferfiere transport
ferfoarlikje accelerate, advance
fergeliking comparison
fergelykje compare
fergif poison
fergiftich poisonous
fergrutsje aggrandize, augment, enlarge, increase
fergrutting aggrandizement, enlargement, increase
ferhaal account, narrative, story, tale
ferhâlding relation
ferhâldingswurd preposition
ferheardens astonishment, wonder, surprise
ferheegje advance, increase, raise
ferhelje narrate, relate, tell
ferhelpe fix, repair
ferhiere let, rent out
ferhoop expectation
ferhoping hope
ferhuzing removal, move
ferhúzje move / move
ferienigje join, unite
ferienje join, unite
ferjaan forgive, pardon
ferjeie chase away, drive away, expel
ferjit-my-net forget-me-not
ferjitte forget
ferjouwing absolution, pardon
ferkâldzjen cold
ferkeap sale
ferkeapber for sale
ferkeaper salesman
ferkeaping sale
ferkeapje dispose of, sell, vend
ferkeapster saleswoman
ferkear traffic
ferkearsfoarskriften traffic rules
ferkieze choose, elect, pick out
ferkiezing choice, election
ferklage accused, defendant
ferklearber accountable
ferklearje account for, clarify, explain
ferklearring account, explanation / account, explanation
ferkleie accuse / accuse, denounce / accuse
ferklikker accuser
ferkoartsje abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten
ferkomme perish
ferkundigje advertise, announce, give notice
ferlamje paralyse
ferlamming paralysis
ferlangje desire, wish
ferlangst desire, want, wish
ferlegen abashed, self-conscious, shy
ferlegenens bashfulness, shyness, timidity
ferlies loss / loss
ferlieze lose
ferlingje lengthen
ferlitte abandon, forsake, desert, leave, quit
ferljochting lighting
ferljochtsje illuminate, light
ferlof permission
ferlokje attract, draw
ferloklik attractive
ferloskundige midwife, obstetrician / obstetrician
ferlosse release
fermaaklik amusing, entertaining, funny
fermannichfâldigje multiply / duplicate, multiply
fermeits amusement, fun
fermeitsje amuse
fermidden environment
fermoardzje murder
fermoeden supposition
fermoedzje guess, presume, suppose, surmise
fermogen ability
ferneatigje destroy, quash
ferneatigjen destruction
fernedering abasement
fernederje abase
ferniele destroy, quash
fernieling destruction
fernuverje jin marvel, marvel at, wonder
feroardielje condemn, sentence
feroaring about-face, alteration, change, conversion, transformation
feroaringsútstel amendment
feroarje amend
feroarsaakje activate, cause, give rise to
ferpachtsje farm out
ferpartsje divide, separate, share
ferplakke move, transfer
ferpleechster nurse
ferpleegje attend, nurse, tend to
ferplichte compulsory
ferplichtsje compel, force
ferraskje surprise
ferrassend startling, surprising
ferrassing surprise
ferried betrayal, treachery
ferriede betray
ferriederlik treacherous
ferrifelderij swindle
ferrifelje cheat, deceive
ferrinnewearje ruin
ferroastkje rust
ferrotsje putrefy, rot
ferrotte addled, bad, rotten
fers poem
fersekering insurance / affirmation
fersekeringsman insurer
fersekerje insure / affirm, assure
fersin aberration, error, mistake
fersinne jin err, make a mistake
ferskele differ, be different
ferskil difference
ferskille differ, be different
ferskine appear, emerge, perform
ferskining appearance
ferspuie abhor, abominate, loathe
ferstean understand, realize
fersteanber understandable
fersterkje fortify
ferstjerre die, expire, pass away
ferstjerren death
ferstoarn dead
ferswakje abate, settle
fersyk request
fersykje ask, ask for, beg, bid, request
fersykskrift petition
fertelle narrate, relate, tell
fertikaal vertical
fertinke suspect
fertinking suspicion
fertrek apartment, flat
fertriet sadness, sorrow
fertrietlik dismal, gaunt, miserable, sad
fertriette afflict, cause pain, cause pain to, distress, give pain to
fertrouwe have faith, have faith in, trust / confide, have confidence in, trust, entrust
fertrouwen confidence, faith, trust / confidence
fertsjinje earn, gain, win
fertsjinst gain, profit / salary, wage, wages
fertsjinwurdiger agent, representative
fertsjinwurdigje act for, represent
fertún fortune
ferve dye, paint
ferver painter
fervje paint
ferwaarje defend
ferwaarloazje neglect
ferwaarming heating
ferwaarmje heat, stoke
ferwachting expectation
ferwachtsje abide, expect, wait, await, wait for
ferwar defence, defense
ferweechlik mobile
ferwege actuate, move
ferwêzenlikje produce
ferwiderje liquidate
ferwisje affirm, assure
ferwite blame, rebuke, reproach, reprove, scold
ferwyt reproach
fêst fixed
fêstdwaan attach, determine, fasten, fix, affix, make fast, secure
fêstelân continent, mainland
fêstje fast
fet fat, fatty, greasy / fat, grease
fetber foar krityk debatable, questionable
fia through
foarsizzing indication, omen, presage, portent, sign
fidúsje confidence, faith, trust / confidence
fiede feed, nourish
fiedsel food, nourishment
fiele feel, sense
fielen feel, feeling, sensation
fier distant, far, remote
fierders as for the rest, besides, for the rest, moreover, what's more
fierrekiker binoculars / binocular, binoculars
figuer figure, diagram, image, picture, representation
figuerlik figurative
fiich fig
fiif five
fiis dirty, filthy, nasty, soiled, unclean
fij averse
fijân adversary, enemy
fijannich adverse, hostile
fijânskip enmity
fiksje fiction
file file
filla villa
filosofy philosophy
filt felt
fin fin
finaal entire, overall, whole
finansierje finance
finansjeel financial
fine find
finger finger
finster window
finzene arrested person, prisoner / prisoner
finzenis jail, gaol, prison / jail, gaol, prison / jail, gaol, prison
fioele violin
fioeltsje violet
fiolonsel cello
firus virus
fisk fish
fisker fisherman
fiskerman fisherman
fiskersstôk fishing rod
fiskje fish
fisum visa, visé
fitaal vital
fitamine vitamin
fiter couch-grass / shoe-lace
fiver pond
fjild field / field / field
fjirde fourth
fjirtich forty
fjirtjin fourteen
fjirtjinde fourteenth
fjochtsje fight, struggle
fjochtsjen action, battle, scuffle, struggle
fjoer fire
fjoertoer lighthouse
fjouwer four
fjouwerhoeke quadrangle
fjouwerje gallop
fjouwerkant square
flaaie flatter
flaaikje flatter
flaaks flax
Flaamsk Flemmish
Flaanderen Flanders
flagge banner, flag
flak even, flat, level, smooth
flakte plain
flam flame
Flaming Flemming
flater aberration, error, mistake
fleande quite, very, very much
fleander airman, aviator
fleanfjild aerodrome, airdrome, airfield
fleanmasine aeroplane, airplane, plane / aircraft
fleantúch aeroplane, airplane, plane / aircraft
flear elder
flearen arthritis / gout
flearmûs bat
flecht flight, run
flechtsje flee, run away
fleis flesh / meat
flesse bottle
flibe saliva
flie flea
flier floor
flinter butterfly
floatich lovable / charming, lovely
floed high tide / flood / flood
floeiber fluid, liquid / liquid
floeie flow
floeipapier blotter, blotting paper
floeistof liquid
flok blasphemy
flokke blaspheme, cuss, curse, swear
fluch fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
fluit whistle / flute
fluite whistle / flute
fluitsje whistle
foan tip
foar before, in front of / for, to, in order to, per
foardiel advantage, benefit
foardielich advantageous
foarfaar forefather
foarfal chance, event, occurence, opportunity
foarfalle come about, happen, occur
foarfielen presentiment
foargerjocht entrée
foargonger precursor
foarholle forehead
foarig former, last, previous, prior
foaritentsje dram, nip, peg, snifter, snorter
foarjiersmoanne March
foarke fork
foarnaam aristocratic
foarnamme first name
foarnimmen intention, meaning, plan
foarsichtich careful, cautious
foarsichtigens caution / caution
foarsitter chairman, president
foarsizze forecast, foretell, prophesy / forecast, foretell, prophesy / forecast, foretell, prophesy
foar't before, previous to
foarteken indication, omen, portent, precursor, presage, sign
foks fox
folgje follow
folje fill, fill in, fill up
folk folk, nation, people
folkloare folklore
folle considerably
folpinne fountain-pen, fountain pen
foltaazje tension, voltage
folterje agonize, torture
fonk spark / spark
fonkelstien gem, jewel / jewel
fonnis adjudication, verdict
fotografearje photograph / photograph
fotokopy photoprint
fototastel camera
fraach question
fracht burden, charge, load
frachtauto lorry, truck / lorry, truck
frachtwein lorry, truck / lorry, truck
fragmintarysk fragmentary
framboas raspberry
Frankryk France
Frânsk French
Frânsman Frenchman
frede peace
fredich peaceful
freed Friday
freedsum peaceful, peaceloving
freegje ask
frek miser, niggard, skinflint
freon friend
freondinne friend
freonlik affable, friendly, good-natured, kind
freonskip friendship
Fries Frisian
frieze freeze
frijens freedom
frijesteand isolated, secluded
frijheid freedom
frijlitte release
fris cool
frjemd alien, foreign, strange / foreigner, stranger / odd, peculiar, strange
frjemdling foreigner, stranger
froast freezing cold, frost / frost
from pious
frommes woman
frosk frog
frou wife / woman
froulik female, feminine / female
frucht fruit
Frysk Frisian / Frisian
Fryslân Friesland
fûgel bird
fûgelflecht aviary
fulkaan volcano
funksje function
fuortfarren departure
fuortstjoere dismiss, turn away
fuotgonger pedestrian
fuotsok sock
fûst fist
fyfde fifth
fyftich fifty
fyftjin fifteen
fyftjinde fifteenth
fykje cut, slice
fylje file
fyts bike, cycle, bicycle
gaazje salary, wage, wages
galle bile, gall
gâns quite, very, very much / entire, overall, whole
gânsk entire, overall, whole
gapje gape, gawk
garaazje garage
garânsje guarantee, warrant
gas gas
gasp buckle
gat anus, arse / backside, rump
gauris frequently, often, regularly
gea region
geal nightingale
gean go
gearbine connect, join
gearfetsje abstract, summarize
gearfetting abridgement, abstract, resumé, summery
gearkomme assemble, congregate, gather, meet
gearkomste assemblage, gathering, meeting
geast soul / spirit / wit
geastlike clergyman
gebeart gesture
gebed prayer
gebiet region
gebou building
gebrûk use
gebyt teeth
gefaar danger, peril
gefaarlik dangerous
gefallich agreeable, enjoyable, lovely, nice, pleasant
gefoel feel, feeling, sensation
geheim secret / secret
gek angry, cross
gekjeie jest, joke
gelaak laughter
gelaits laughter
Gelderlân Guelderland, Guelders
gelok luck / happiness
gelyk equal, even, level
gemeentehûs town-hall
generaal general
genêze cure, heal, remedy / recover / cure, heal, remedy
geniet fun, pleasure
genôch enough, sufficient / enough, quite, rather, sufficiently
geografysk geographic, geographical
geramte skeleton / skeleton
gerdyn curtain
geroft rumor, rumour
gersfjild lawn
gersmoanne April
geryflik comfortable
gesang singing
gesicht appearance, aspect, look, sight, view / exterior / face
gesichtsein horizon
geslacht sex
geunst favor, favour
geunstich advantageous, favourable
gewear gun, rifle
gewoan accustomed, customary, used to, usual, wonted
gewoanlik ordinarily, usually
gewoante custom, habit, way
gewûpst firm, robust, sturdy
gewykst clever, cunning, sly, smart
giel yellow / yellow
gigantysk gigantic, huge
gimmeleard enamel
gjinien neither, nobody, none, no-one
gjirrich avaricious, miserly, stingy
gjirrigens avarice, miserliness, stinginess
gjirrigert miser, niggard, skinflint
glêd smooth
gleonje glow, glow with heat
glês glass / glass
glêzen glass
glide glide, slip
gliere glide, slip
glimkje smile
gloarje fame, glory, renown
glûpsk insidious / malicious, mischievous, nasty, vicious
glydzje glide, slip
gnidzje bruise
goaie throw
God God
god god
godgeleardens theology
godlik divine
godstjinst religion
goed good, nice, okay
goedens goodness
Goedfreed Good Friday
goedkeap cheap, inexpensive
goejûn good evening
goemiddei good afternoon
goemoarn good morning
goenacht good night
goendei good day
goes goose
gongpaad pavement, sidewalk
goud gold
goudfisk goldfish
goudjesblom marigold
graach willingly
graad degree, grade
grafyk graphic arts, graphics
gram gram, gramme
grammofoan phonograph, record-player
granaat prawn
granyt granite
grapke gag, joke
grau grey / grey
gravearje engrave
greefskip county
grêf grave, tomb
greve count, earl
grien green / green
griente vegetable
grif certainly
griis grey / grey
Grikelân Greece
grins boundary, frontier, limit
grinsleas absolute
grinswacht customs
grize abhorrence, abomination, horror / abhorrence, horror
groede couch-grass / scar
groei accretion, growth
groetsje greet, salute
grûn ground, soil / earth, land, soil
grut big, great, large / considerable, sizable
Grut-Brittanje Britain, Great Britain
grutsk proud
grutskens pride
grutte dyk motor road, motorway / motor road, motorway
grutte nút walnut
Gryk Greek
Gryks Greek
gryp flu, grip, influenza
gûle cry, weep
gûne guilder, gulden
gurdle belt, girdle / zone
gymnastyk gymnastics
ha have, have got
haad boss, chief, leader / chief, boss
haadletter capital letter
haadstêd metropolis / capital, capital city, metropolis
haadwurd noun, substantive
haai shark
haaimoanne July
haatsje hate
hagel hail
hâlde hang onto, hold
hâlding expression
hals neck
halt stop
hammer hammer
hân hand
handoek towel
hantekening signature
hantsjeklappe acclaim, applaud, clap
hantsjeklappen acclaim, acclamation, approval
happe horse
harder shepherd
harkje listen
harlekijn buffoon, jester
harpe harp
harsens brain
hart deer
hartoch duke
hartochdom duchy
hartoginne duchess
hast almost, nearly
hate hate
hauk hawk
hawar now, well, well then
hazze hare
hazzenút hazelnut
hazzenutebeam hazel, hazel-tree
hea hay
healwiis absurd / lunatic / fool
healwiizje attitudinize, pose, put on airs
hear army
heardei audience
hearremyt hermit
hearrich obedient / obedient
hebrieusk Hebrew, Jewish
hecht firm, robust, sturdy
heffe lever, lift, raise
Heilsleger Salvation Army
heitelân fatherland
heks witch
heldinne heroine
helheak shrew, vixen, Xanthippe
helm helmet
helpleas helpless
helt hero
herberch hostel, inn
hert heart
hertsear sadness, sorrow
hetsich thirsty
heukerich miserable, poor / abject, dismal, meager, miserable, wretched
heup hip
heupe hip
hiel absolute, complete / overall, total / entire, overall, whole
hielal universe
hielendal entire, overall, whole
hieltiten always, ever
hier hair / hire, rent, rental
hierboer farmer
hierde boer farmer
hierder renter, tenant
hiere hire
hierknipper barber, hairdresser
hikje hiccup
hillich holy, sacred
hillige saint
himd vest
himel heaven, sky
Himelfeartsdei Ascension Day
himellichem heavenly body
himelsk celestial, heavenly
himp hemp
hin chicken, fowl
hite be called
hjerring herring
hjerringslynder grebe
hjerstmaonne September
hjest autumn
hjit hot
hjittens heat
hjoed de dei today
hjoed today
hjoeddeisk actual, current, present, present-day
hjouwer oats
hoanne cock, rooster
hoarizon horizon
hoarn horn
hoarnwiif midwife, obstetrician
hoas stocking
hoastje cough
hoed hat
hoeder shepherd
hoek hook / region
hol hungry
holder bumblebee
Hollân Holland
Hollanner Dutchman, Hollander
Hollânsk Dutch
holle head, pate
hommels opkommend acute
homofyl homosexual, gay
hongerich hungry
hongerlapje be hungry
hopeleas abysmal, desperate
horloazje watch
hout timber, wood
houtekster jay
houten wooden
houtskoal charcoal
huchelder hypocrite
hucheleftich hypocritical
huchelje dissemble
hûd skin
huffe beat, hit, strike
hûn dog
hûndert hundred, one hundred
huning honey
huord hard
huorrehûs brothel
hurd hard
húsfrou housewife
húshâlding family
húske toilet
húskeamer living-room, sitting-room
húskepapier toilet-paper
húsrie furniture
hutte cabin, hut, shack
hy he, him
hynder horse
hynst stallion
hynstespul circus
hypoteek mortgage
hypteek mortgage
ideaal ideal / ideal
ideeëlear ideology
idel abortive, futile, useless, vain
identyk identical
ideology ideology
idioat idiotic / idiot
idylle idyll
iel eel
ielgoes cormorant
ielmis alms, charity
ielreager heron
ien a, any, anybody, some, somebody, one, someone, some one / one
ienfâldich simple, straightforward
ienheid unity
ienhoarn unicorn
ienkear once, one time
ienlik remote
iensum remote
iensumens isolation, separation
iepenbier public
iepening aperture, opening / opening
ier ear / vein
ierappel potato
ierappelpomp mashed potatoes
ierdbei strawberry
ierdbol globe, worldglobe
ierde earth, land, soil
ierdewurk crockery, earthenware, pottery / crockery, earthenware, pottery
ierdgas natural gas
ierdlieding earth connection, earthing, earth wire, grounding, ground wire
ierdmantsje brownie, gnome, goblin
ierdoalje crude oil / crude oil
ierdrykskunde geography
ierdsk terrestrial / earthen, earthly, terrestrial
ierdskodding earthquake
ierdzje earth, ground
Ierlân Ireland
Iersk Irish
ies carrion / bait
ieu centennial, century
iik oak
iikhoarn squirrel
iis ice
Iislân Iceland
Iislanner Icelander
ikebeam oak
ikel acorn
ikelbeam oak
immen a, any, anybody, some, somebody, one, someone, some one
in griis abhorrent, abominable, alien, awful, hideous, horrible, gruesome
in pear a few, any, some
in poat útlûke fleece
in a, an
ing narrow
ingel angel
Ingelân England / England
Ingelsk English
Ingelsman Englishman, Sassenach
ingeltsje ladybug
inket ink
inketpotsje well, inkpot, ink-well
inoar each other, one another
iperenbeam elm
iroanysk ironic
irony irony
Israelyt Israelite
it oanrikkemandearjen wurdig recommendable
it the
ivoar ivory
izegryn miser, niggard, skinflint
izer iron
izeren iron
jaar udder
jamk frequently, often, regularly
Japansk Japanese
jefte alms, charity / exercise-book, folder, notebook
jeie chase, hunt
jerk drake
jerke drake
jern thread
jier year
jierdei birthday
jiertiid season
jild money
jildboete fine
jildstik coin
jin ôfsette fan relinquish, renounce, waive
jin tjirgje attitudinize, pose, put on airs
jiske ash, cinder
jiskebak ashtray
jiskebakje ashtray
jiskefet garbage can
jiskelaad ashtray
jiskepântsje ashtray
Jiskepûster Cinderella
jit still, yet
jitte pour, scatter, shed
jittik vinegar
jo your
joad Hebrew, Jew / Jew
joadium iodine
jok yoke
jonge boy, lad, laddie
jonkheid youth
jûkje itch
jûkte itch
july July
jûn evening
jûnbea night prayers
jûnich dim
jûnmiel evening meal, supper
jûns in the evening
jûnsiten evening meal, supper
jûnskrante evening paper
jûnsrea afterglow
jûntiid evening
juny June
jûpe skirt
jurk skirt
just just, just now
juster yesterday
juwiel gem, jewel / jewel
jyns your
kaai platform, quay, wharf / key, wrench
kaart map / card, map, menu / map
kabaret cabaret
kabeljau cod, codfish
kado gift, present
kafee café, coffee-house
kafetaria cafetaria
kajút cabin
kaktus cactus
kâld bleak, chilly, cold
kalinder calendar
kalk lime
kamiel camel
kammenet cabinet
kammeraat buddy, companion, comrade, pal
kampearje camp, be encamped, lie encamped, camp out
kanaal canal, channel
kanarje canary
kanne jug, pitcher
kantoar office / bureau, office
kapsje observation, remark
kaptein captain / captain
kastiel castle
katalogus catalogue, directory
kategory category
katoen cotton / cotton
kaugom chewing-gum
keal calf
keallefleis veal
keamer chamber, room
keamerfaam maid
keaper buyer, client, purchaser / client, customer
kears candle
keat link
keatling chain
keizerinne empress
kelnerinne waitress
kening king
keninginne queen
keninklik regal, royal
keninkryk kingdom
kenne be acquainted with, know
keppelje couple
kers candle / cherry
kessen cushion
kêst paragraph
keunst art
keunstich artistic
keunstmjittich artificial
keunstner artist
keunstwurk work of art
kiel throat
kieze choose, elect, pick out
kikkert frog
kilo kilo
kim horizon
kin chin
kiste box, chest
kjeld cold
kjifdier rodent
kjiffe gnaw / gnaw, nibble
kjimme comb
klaai clay
klaaiïng clothes, clothing
klakson hooter, horn, klaxon
klant buyer, client, purchaser / client, customer
klaproas poppy
klassyk classic, classical
klau claw
klauje rake
klean clothes, clothing
kleed article of clothing, garment
kleie complain
klimme climb
klimmerblêd ivy
klinte cabin, hut, shack
klinyk clinic
kliuwe climb
kloer claw
klup club, society
klyster thrush
knibbel knee
knûst fist
knyft pen-knife
knyn rabbit
ko cow
koai cage
koal cabbage / coal
koar chorus, coir
koark cork
koarketrekker corkscrew
koarn barley
koart short / brief, short
koarthakke devil
koartskrift shorthand, stenography
kob seagull
kobbe seagull
kobist bovine, bovine animal
koeke cake
koel cool
koetsebei mountain-ash berry, rowan berry
koetsebeibeam mountain-ash, rowan
kofje coffee
kofjekanne coffee-pot
kôgje chew
koken kitchen
kokosnút coconut
kollega colleague
koloanje colony, settlement
komeedzje comedy
komitee committee
kommandant commander
komme come
kommissaris chief of police
kommunist communist
komôf lineage / origin
komplimint compliment
komselden seldom
komst arrival
komysk comic, comical, funny
kondukteur guard
konflikt conflict
kongres congress, convention
konjak brandy, cognac
konklúzje conclusion, inference
konsert concert
konstruearje build, construct
konsultearje consult
kontakt contact
kontrakt contract
kontrei region
kontrolearje audit, check, check up on, supervise, verify
kontroleur checker, controller
kop head
koper copper
kopiearje copy
kopy copy
kostber dear, expensive
kostje cost
kouwe cage
koweblomke daisy
kowedom as stupid as an ass
kowefleis beef
kraach collar
krante gazette, magazine, newspaper, periodical / daily paper, journal, newspaper
kranteman journalist
kream barn, shed, stand
kredyt credit
krêftich strong
krekt as as if, as though, in a way
krekt accurate, on time, prompt, punctual / accurate, precise
krektsa just, just now
kremaasje cremation
kremearje cremate
krewearje act, take action
krie crow / crow
krigel active, hardworking
kriich war
kriichsman warrior
krije get, have, receive
krintekakker miser, niggard, skinflint
krisis crisis, depression, emergency
kristen Christian
kristlik Christian
Kristus Christ
krityk criticism
kroane groan, moan
kroaning coronation
kroanje crown
krobbe beetle / beetle
krookje crocus
kropslaad lettuce
krûd gunpowder
krûpe crawl, creep
krúsbei gooseberry
Krysttiid Christmas, Yule
kryt chalk
kûgel bullet
kuierder stroller
kuierje go for a walk, stroll
kultuer culture
kunde acquaintance
kundich able, capable
kundigens ability
kuolje cool, cool down / get cold
kwab jelly-fish
kwealaster backbiting, scandal, slander
kwealik barely, hardly, only just, scarcely
kwestje affair, business, business deal, case, matter
kwierich elegant
kwitânsje receipt
kyl keel
laach layer
laam lamb
laboratoarium laboratory
labze mud
laden drawer
laits laugh
laitsje laugh
laitsjen laughter
lak varnish
lammefleis lamb
lampe lamp
lânbou agriculture, farming, tillage / agriculture
lang long
lânkaart map / map
lânsdouwe region
lânskip landscape, scenery
lânsman compatriot
lantearne lantern
Latyn Latin
lawaai ado, din, noise
lea body
lead lead
leaden lead
leafde affection, love
leagen lie
lean salary, wage, wages
leane avenue
leanje compensate, reward
learaar instructor, teacher
learares teacher, female teacher
leare leather / learn / teach
learen leather
leargong class, course
lears boot
least trace, track
leauwe account, accredit, believe, deem / belief / religion
leauwenswurdich plausible
leave darling
leavje love
leech low / empty, void
leechte emptiness
leedomsizzer undertaker's man
leelje lily
lef afraid
leffens cowardice
leffert coward, funk
leginde legend
leidich attractive
lekje condemn, disapprove, disapprove of, rebuke
leksum lesson
lektor lector, lecturer
leppel spoon
lêsber legible
letter letter
leune lean
leven ado, din, noise / life
leverânsje delivery
leverje deliver, furnish, supply
lewant wall
lêze read
libben alive
libje be alive, live
lichaamlik bodily, body, body-, corporal, corporeal, of the body, physical
lichem body
licht light
liderke snowdrop / snowdrop
lidwurd article
liede conduct, direct, guide, head, lead / conduct, guide, lead
lieder leader / chief, boss
liene borrow / borrow, lend, loan
liep clever, cunning, sly, smart
liet song
lige lie, tell a lie
liif body / abdomen, belly, tummy
lijen abide, bear, endure, put up with, suffer
lilk angry, cross / nasty, ugly
limoer uterus, womb
line line
linebeam lime-tree, linden-tree
lingte length / length
lining prop, support
lippe lip
lisplak landing-stage, pier
list list
literatuer literature
liuw lion
lizze lie, recline / lay / lay down, place, put, put down
ljedder ladder
ljippetop nasturtium
ljocht bright, clear, light / bright, light / light
ljochttoer lighthouse
ljurk lark
loai lazy
loft air / heaven, sky
lofter- left
lofthaven airport
loftpost airmail
lofts on the left / left, to the left
lôge flame
logika logic
logysk logical
lokkich fortunate, happy
lokomotyf engine
lucht air / odor, odour, scent, smell
lûd loud / sound / vowel
lúd louse
lúkse luxury
lúksueus deluxe, de luxe, luxurious
lûs louse
lúsjefers match
lúsjefersprikje match
lyk equal, even, level
lykwicht equilibrium
lym glue / glue
lymje glue, stick
lyster thrush
lyts diminutive, little, small
maachswolm ulcer, sore
maaie May
maaieklokje lily-of-the-valley
maaitiid spring, springtime
maaituorre june bug
maart March
maarteblomke snowdrop / snowdrop
maatsskiplik net oanpast antisocial, unsocial
macht ability
mage stomach
magnetysk magnetic
magy magic
magysk magical
maitiid spring, springtime
majoar major
makelder broker
maklik easy, facile
maksimaal maximum
maksimum maximum
mâl foolish
malmodesta arrogant
man fellow, man
mandaryntsje tangerine
manear manner, mode, way
mangel almond / tonsil
manhaftich brave, courageous, valiant
manifeastearje demonstrate
manifestaasje demonstration
mank lame
mannichte crowd, mass, multitude
manuskript manuscript
mar lake, loch / but
margryt marguerite
mariûana marijuana
marse basket
martelder martyr
martelje agonize, torture
masine engine, machine
massaazje massage
massyf massive
master boss, chief, leader / boss, master
masteresse mistress
matearje matter
matras mattress
matte mat
meager gaunt, lean, meager, skimpy, skinny, thin
meale grind, pulverize
mealle grind, pulverize
mear more
mêd ground, grounds, terrain
medikamint drug, medicine, pharmaceutical
medisyn drug, medicine, pharmaceutical
meeps wasp
meidat because, for the reason that / because, for the reason that / as, because, for, since
meiïnoar together
meilijen compassion, pity
mei't because, for the reason that / because, for the reason that / as, because, for, since
meldij melody, tune
mem mother
men you, one, they
merk market, sales activity / market, marketplace
mês knife
mêst mast
meste fertilize
metoade method
meunster monster / sample, specimen
miammel ant, emmet
mich fly, housefly
midden average, mean, middle
midnacht midnight / midnight
mien general, universal, worldwide / general, usual
miene account, deem, opine, think
miening opinion
mier aversion, dislike / disgust, nausea
mikrofoan microphone
mile mile
minder wurde be on the decline, go downhill, go off
mingel liter, litre
ministearje ministry
minske man, human being / woman
minskheid human race, mankind
minsklik human
minút minute
mirakels affectation
misbrûk abuse
misbrûke abuse
misdied crime
misdiedich criminal
misdiediger criminal
misdriuw crime
miskien maybe, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, possibly
mislearje abort, fail, miscarry
mislearring abortion
mislediging abuse
misledigje abuse, insult, offend
mistel mistletoe
mitselder mason
mitselje build
miuw seagull
mjitsk gentle, soft, sweet, tender
moai beautiful, fine, handsome, lovely
moaiprate flatter
moal flour, meal
moandei Monday
moanne moon / month
moard murder
moardner murderer / murderer
moardzje murder
moarmer marble
moarmeren marble
moarn morning
moarnsiten breakfast
moas moss
modder ground, soil / mud
moedich brave, courageous, valiant
mof glove, mitten
moksel mussel
molekule molecule
molke milk
momkappe mask
monopoalje monopoly
monotoan monotonous / monotonous
monumint monument
monumintaal monumental
mooglik possible / maybe, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, possibly
mooglikheid possibility
moolder miller
mosk sparrow
moster mustard
mot sow / moth
motorboat motor-boat, motor-launch
motyf account, motive, reason
mouwe sleeve
mozayk mosaic, mosaic work
mûdhûn tench
mûklist snare / craft, craftiness, cunning, guile
mul waist, waistline
mulbân belt, girdle / zone
mûldier mule
mûle mouth
mûlezel hinny
mûlk possible / maybe, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, possibly
mummy mummy
mûn mouth / mouth
mûnder miller
mûnling oral
mûnts monk
munysje munition, ammunition
muoike aunt
muoikesizzer niece / nephew
muonts monk
muorre wall
mûs mouse
muskyt mosquito
muzikus musician
muzyk music
muzykman musician
muzykútfiering concert
myld gentle, mild
myn my
mynarbeider miner
mynwurker miner
mystyk mystic, mystical
myt mite
myte myth
naaie sew
naasje nation
nacht night
nachtklup night club, night spot
nachtlik nocturnal
nachtmerje nightmare
nachts at night, by night, during the night
nageltsjebeam lilac
nâle navel
namme appellation, name
nammeleas anonymous / anonymous, nameless, without a name
nasjonaal national
nasjonaliteit nationality
natuer nature / character, nature
natuerkunde physics
natuerwittenskip physics
nau narrow
nea never
neaken bare, naked, nude
neakenens nakedness, nudity
neame call
nearboarstich asthmatic, wheezy
nearne nowhere
neat nothing
nederlaach defeat
Nederlân Holland, the Netherlands / Holland, the Netherlands
Nederlanner Dutchman
Nederlânsk Dutch
needklok alarmbell
neef gnat / cousin
neffens according as, according to, as, by
negatyf negative
negearje ignore, leave out of account
neger Negro
neikommer laggard, straggler
neil nail
neirinne be late
neistenby about, approximately
neistlizze abut, adjoin, be next to
neistlizzend adjacent / adjacent, adjoining / adjacent, nearby, neighbouring
nepert miser, niggard, skinflint
nêst beside, alongside, next to
nestelje nest
net goed te krijen blameworthy, censurable, condemnable, objectionable
net net, network
nicht cousin
niis just, just now
niiskrekt just, just now
nij new, novel
nijjier New Year
nijs news, novelty, something new
nimme get, lay hold of, pick up, take
nimmen neither, nobody, none, no-one
nivo level
njirre adder, viper
njoggende ninth
njoggentich ninety
njoggentjin nineteen
njonkelytsen gradually, little by little
njonken beside, alongside, next to
nju fun, pleasure
no at present, now
noadzje invite
Noar Norwegian
noard fan above
noarden north, North
noardlik northern
Noardsee North Sea
Noarsk Norwegian
Noarwegen Norway
noas nose
noashoarn rhino, rhinoceros
noaskje please
noat grade, note
noch still, yet / neither, nor
nocht fun, pleasure
noed hazard, risk
noedlik adventurous, hazardous, risky
noedzje hazard, risk, venture
noegje invite
nommel noble
no't at present, now
nôt grain
novimber November
nuddel needle / needle
nuddelje sew
nuet tame
nukleêr nuclear
nulle needle
nûmer number, numeral
nûmerboerd numberplate
nuodlik dangerous
nút nut
nutebeam walnut-tree / walnut-tree
nuttich advantageous, useful
nylhoars hippo, hippopotamus
nyskes just, just now
oalje oil
oaljedom as stupid as an ass
oaljefant elephant
oan 'e oare kant on the other hand
oan ien tried troch at a strech, for ... together, on end / at a strech, for ... together, on end
oan at, to, toward, towards
oanbaarne stick to the pan
oanbefelling recommendation
oanbelangje concern / concern, relate
oanbelangjende about, concerning
oanberne congenital, inborn, inbred, innate, native
oanbesteging tender / tender
oanbidde adore, worship / worship
oanbidding adoration, worship
oanbiede bid, offer, make an offer of
oanbieding offer / presentation / presentation / offer, tender
oanboazje increase, freshen
oanbod offer / offer, tender
oanbou building
oanbrekke begin, commence, start
oanbringe bring, fetch / accuse, denounce / give an account, report / recruit
oandachtig attentive
oandiel share / share / share
oandielhâlder shareholder
oandienens emotion
oandoare dare to fight, stand up to / dare, venture
oandrage bring, fetch
oandrang access, impetus, impulse
oandrift access, impetus, impulse
oandringe insist
oandriuw access, impetus, impulse
oandriuwe actuate, drive
oandwaan put on
oandwaanlik affecting, moving, touching / affecting, moving, touching
oandwaning emotion
oanelkoar- co-, fellow
oanfal aggression, aggro / access, aggression, attack
oanfalle assault, attack
oanfaller aggressor, assailant, attacker
oanfang beginning, commencement, start / beginning, commencement, start
oanfange begin, commence, start / begin, commence, start
oanfarre collide with, crash into
oanfarring collision
oanfieder chief, boss
oanfiele feel ...
oanfier arrival, arrivals, supply / arrival, arrivals, supply
oanfiere push
oanfitering impetus, incitement, stimulus / impetus, incitement, stimulus
oanfiterje encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge / cheer, fire, inspire, stimulate / rouse, stimulate, stir up
oanfjochting disposal, inclination, tendency
oanfjurje encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge / cheer, fire, inspire, stimulate / rouse, stimulate, stir up
oanfolje complete
oanfolling replacement, replenishment, supplement
oanfreegje book, order, reserve / order
oanfurdigje accept, receive, take, take in
oanfurdigjen acceptance, admission
oangean fan syn amt accession
oangean begin, commence, start
oangelegenheid affair, business, business deal, case, matter
oangroeie accrue, grow
oanhaal citation, quotation
oanhanklik affectionate, devoted, selfless / devoted, selfless
oanhawwe wear
oanhelje cite, quote / increase, freshen / gain, put on weight
oanheltekens quotation marks, quotes
oanhing adherents, disciples, followers, party members / adherents, disciples, followers, following, party, supporters
oanhinger acolyte, member, supporter / member, supporter
oanhingsel accessory, side-issue / addition, adjunct
oanhingwein trailer
oanhinklik affectionate, devoted, selfless / devoted, selfless
oanhysje abet, excite, incite, provoke, rouse, stimulate, stir up / encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge / cheer, fire, inspire, stimulate / rouse, stimulate, stir up
oanien at a strech, for ... together, on end / at a strech, for ... together, on end / all the time, ceaselessly / consecutively
oanienwei at a strech, for ... together, on end / at a strech, for ... together, on end
oaninoar- co-, fellow
oanjaan give / pass, spend
oanklaaie clothe, dress
oanklacht accusation / accusal, accusation, charge, complaint, indictment / complaint
oanklage accused, defendant
oanklampe accost, address
oankleie accuse, denounce / accuse
oanknoopje tie on
oanknopingspunt starting point
oankomme close, near, nearby, next / next
oankommend junior, future, young
oankomst arrival
oankundiging ad, advertisement
oanlangje hand, hand over / pass, spend / convey, hand, hand over, pass
oanlieding inducement, motive, occasion
oanlûke attract
oanmeitsje achieve, act, do, make, perform
oanmeitsjen making, manifacture / making, manufacture
oanmoanje admonish, scold
oanmoanning admonition, exhortation / exhortation, warning
oanmoediging encouragement
oanmoedigje encourage / encourage, stimulate
oannimlik plausible
oannimme accept, receive, take, take in
oanpakke approach, deal with, tackle / assault, violate / begin, commence, start
oanpakken approach
oanpassing adaptation, adjustment
oanplakbiljet notice, placard, poster
oanplakboerd bill-board, notice-board
oanplakke placard, post, post up
oanplantsje plantation / plant
oanreitsing touch
oanreitsje touch
oanride run into
oanriding collision
oanriede advise, counsel / buy, get, procure
oanrikke hand, hand over / pass, spend / convey, hand, hand over, pass
oanrjocht dresser
oanroere touch
oanroppe appeal to, invoke
oansette kindle, light
oansiik offer, offer of marriage, proposal
oansizze acquaint, let know, inform
oansjasje abet, excite, incite, provoke, rouse, stimulate, stir up
oansjen appearance, aspect, look, sight, view / exterior
oansjitsk affectionate, caressing, cuddlesome, cuddly
oanslach assault / assessment
oanslute associate, come together, join, pool / correspond
oansluting joining, junction / connection
oanslykje silt up
oanspraaklikheid responsibility
oansprekke accost, address
oanstean be ajar
oanstekke infect / communicate
oanstelle appoint
oanstelling appointment, appointment to office
oanstichtsje initiate, start
oanstjit offence, scandal / commotion, scandal
oanstjitte jog, nudge
oanstjoere direct, guide, manage, steer / conduct, direct, guide, head, lead
oanstompe jog, nudge
oanstriid disposal, inclination, tendency
oant until, till
oantaaste assault, violate / corrode
oantal amount, number
oantekene brief registered letter / registered letter
oantekening annotation, note
oantekenje note, make a note, write down
oantinken keepsake, memento, souvenir / keepsake, memento, souvenir
oantins keepsake, memento, souvenir / keepsake, memento, souvenir
oantoane demonstrate, prove / prove
oantreast encouragement
oantreastgje encourage
oantreasting encouragement
oantreffe come across, encounter, meet, see
oantriuwe push
oantrún impetus, incitement, stimulus / impetus, incitement, stimulus
oantrune encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge / rouse, stimulate, stir up
oantrúnje encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge / rouse, stimulate, stir up
oantsjutte indicate, suggest / indicate, point out, show
oantsjutting index / indication
oantuge buy, get, procure
oanwaaks accretion, growth
oanwaakse accrue, grow
oanwakkereje fan, fire, inspire, stimulate, stir up, urge on
oanwakkerje encourage, impel, instigate, spur on, stimulate, urge
oanwenne accustom
oanwenst habit, trick
oanwêzig present
oanwêzigens presence
oanwinne gain, put on weight
oanwinst accession, acquisition, gain
oanwize indicate, suggest / indicate, point out, show
oanwizend foarnamwurd demonstrative, demonstrative pronoun / demonstrative, demonstrative pronoun
oanwizing index / indication / directions, instruction
oar other, another, else
oardeheal one and a half
oardel one and a half
oardiel judgment
oardielje judge
oaremoarn the day after tomorrow
oargel organ
oarloch war
oarreheit grandfather
oarremem grandmother
oars other, another, else
oarsaak cause, reason
oarsom vice-versa
oarsprong lineage / origin
oarspronklik indigenous, native
observearje keep, mind, observe
oer alle boegen in every way / in all respects, in every respect, in every way
oer 't generaal generally
oer about, concerning, on, upon
oeral all about, everywhere / everywhere
oerbeppe great-grandmother
oerbringend transitive
oerdriuwe exaggerate
oere hour, o'clock, time
oerflak surface
oerflakte area
oerfol brimming, replete
oergean break down, come to nothing
oergeunst envy
oergeunstich envious
oerhaal access, aggression, attack
oerienstimming accord, accordance, agreement, concurrence
oerpake great-grandfather
oersetting translation
oerwâld primeval forest
oerwinner victor
oerwinning victory
oester oyster
ôf te karren blameworthy, censurable, condemnable, objectionable
ôfbeakenje mark out, trace, trace out
ôfbestelle cancel, countermand
ôfbetelling acquittal, payment, full payment
ôfbliuwe keep one's hands off
ôfbraak demolition / demolition
ôfbrek harm
ôfbrekke break, break off / pick, pluck, tear off / interrupt / break down, demolish, pull down, take down / stop
ôfbroazelje crumble, crumble away, crumble off
ôfbyldzje depict, represent
ôfdak penthouse, shed / penthouse, shed / penthouse, shed
ôfdieling section / detachment
ôfdraaie turn away
ôfdrage convey, hand, hand over, pass
ôfdreachsel decoction
ôfdreagje pour off, strain off
ôfdwaan take off, put off
ôfdwaande decisive / effective, effectual, efficacious
ôfdwale stray from one's subject, wander from one's subject / go astray, stray off
ôfdwaling digression, straying, wandering from the point / aberrance
ôfeart clippings, cuttings, parings, refuse, rubbish, waste, windfall / remainder, rest
ôffal apostate / clippings, cuttings, parings, refuse, rubbish, waste, windfall / apostasy, defection / remainder, rest
ôffallich apostate / unfaithful
ôffarre depart, leave, sail, start
ôffeardige delegate, deputy, representative
ôffeardigje depute
ôffeie delete, wipe, wipe off
ôffier carrying off, discharge / carrying off, discharge
ôffiere divert
offisjeel official
ôffjurje discharge, fire, fire off
ôffreding grate, grid, grill
ôffreedzje fence in, fence off, rail in, rail off
ôffurdige delegate / delegate, deputy, representative
ôffurdiging delegation, deputation / delegation, deputation / delegation, deputation
ôffurdigje delegate / depute
ôfgean resign / quit, resign
ôfgod idol
ôfgrauwe snap at, snarl at, snub
ôfgriis abhorrence, abomination, horror / abhorrence, horror
ôfgrûn abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice
ôfgryslik abhorrent, abominable, alien, awful, hideous, horrible, gruesome / agonizing, hideous, horrible, ghastly
ôfhâlde detain, hold back, retain
ôfhandich remote
ôfhannelje conclude, dispatch, expedite, finnish, settle / liquidate
ôfharkje bug, eavesdrop, listen in, monitor, tap / eavesdrop
ôfhelje take along / meet, pick up
ôfhelpe rid
ôfhingje depend, hang down
ôfhinklik dependent
ôfhinklikens dependence
ôfjaan convey, hand, hand over, pass / delivery
ôfkarre condemn, disapprove, disapprove of, rebuke
ôfkeapje ransom, redeem
ôfkeapsom ransom, redemption money
ôfkeare turn away
ôfkitse reject / refuse, reject
ôfklaaie fall away, lose, lose flesh, lose in weight
ôfknippe cut off
ôfkoarting abbreviation
ôfkomstich coming
ôfkonfoaie put off, send about his business
ôfkundiging proclamation / proclamation, publication
ôfkundigje issue, proclaim
ôfkuolje cool, cool down / get cold
ôfleare break oneself of a habit, get out of a habit, unlearn / unlearn
ôflêze read, read out / issue, proclaim
ôfliede derive / divert
ôflieding derivation
ôflitte spread
ôflizze take off, put off
ôflosse amortize, deaden / pay off, redeem
ôflossing redemption / replacement, substitution
ôfmêdzje fag out, jade, overdrive, override
ôfmeitsje accomodate, end, finish, terminate
ôfmjitte measure
ofmjitting dimension, measurement
ôfmjitting measurement
ôfnimme abstract, take away
ôfpasse pace
ôfpraat agreed, okay
ôfprate agree
ôfprintsel print, imprint / copy
ôfprintsje print
ôfreagearje abreact
ôfrêde clear away, remove the cloth
ôfreizgje depart, leave, set out / depart, leave, set out
ôfrekken account, settlement
ôfrekkenje settle, square up / settle, square up
ôfriede advise against, dissuade from
ôfrin result
ôfrinne descend, get off, go down
ôfrjochtsje tame, train / break
ôfroppe pick, pluck, tear off
ôfrosse thrash / curry
ôfrûnje round, round off
ôfseage hackneyed / hackneyed, hard-worked, stale, trite, worn-out
ôfset demand, sale
ôfsette amputate / take off, put off
ofsier officer
ôfsizze cancel, countermand / abjure, abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, remit
ôfsjitte discharge, fire, fire off, let off / shoot off
ôfsjouwe use up, wear out
ôfskaaie accrue, come, derive, originate, result
ôfskaffe abolish, abrogate / do away with, get rid of, remove
ôfskie farewell, goodbye, good-bye
ôfskiede divide, separate
ôfskieding separation, partition
ôfskilderje paint
ôfskoattelje bolt, fasten / lock
ôfskrik abhorrence, abomination, horror
ôfskrikke deter, discourage, scare
ôfskriuwe amortize, deaden / write off
ôfskriuwing redemption
ôfskuorre pick, pluck, tear off
ôfskypje put off, send about his business
ôfslaan turn / turn / reject / decrease, lower / discount, rebate / reduce the price
ôfslach by-way, side-way
ôfslute bar, obstruct
ôfsluting barrier, fence
ôfslutning dam
ôfsmite cast off, fling off, throw off / cast, shed / get rid of
ôfsnije cut off / cut off
ôfsnuterje snap at, snarl at, snub
ôfspegeling reflection
ôfspraak accommodation, accord, agreement / appointment, date, rendezvous
ôfspringe jump off, leap down
ôfstamje accrue, come, derive, originate, result
ôfstammeling offspring, successor
ôfstamming lineage
ôfstân distance, offset
ôfstappe descend, get off, go down
ôfstean cede, give in, give up, give way, relinquish, yield
ôfstegering rejection
ôfstegerje reject
ôfstekke cut off / contrast
ôfstimme adhere, conform / reject / tune
ôfstimpelje mark, stamp
ôfstjoerder sender / sender
ôfstjoere dispatch, send off, ship / dismiss, turn away
ôfstofje dust
ôfstudearje finish one's studies
ôfstuitsje rebound
ôfsûndering isolation, separation
ôfsûnderje divide, separate
ôfswarre abjure, forswear, swear off, renounce
ôfswarren abjuration, renunciation
oft as if, as though, in a way
ôftaapje derive / drain / bottle
ôftakelje be on the decline, go downhill, go off / dismantle, unrig
ôftankje do away with, get rid of, remove / discard
ôftichelje thrash
ôftingje bargain, haggle
ôftocht retreat / retreat
ôftrek demand, sale
ôftrekke infuse
ôftreksel extract, infusion
ôftroevje trump
ôftwinge extort, wrest, wring / extort
ôfwachting expectation
ôfwachtsje bide, abide, stay for, wait, await, wait for
ôfwarre protect from, ward off
ôfwaskber washable
ôfwenne break of a habit, teach / break oneself of a habit, get out of a habit, unlearn
ôfwetterje drain / drain
ôfwêzich absent / absent
ôfwêzigens absence
ôfwike deviate / turn / deflect, diverge, wander
ôfwikseling alternation / change, variation / variety
ôfwikselje alternate
ôfwikseljend alternate, alternating / variable
ôfwiskje delete, wipe, wipe off
ôfwize reject / refuse, reject
ôfwizing rejection
ôfwuolje unroll, unwind, wind off / unroll
ôfwurking finishing off
ôfwurkje finish, work out / finish
okee agreed, okay / agreed, okay
okse ox
oktroai patent
oliif olive
om bang fan te wurden deterrent, forbidding
omdat because, for the reason that / because, for the reason that / as, because, for, since
omke uncle
omkesizzer niece / nephew
omseamje thrash
omsizzer undertaker's man
om't because, for the reason that / because, for the reason that / as, because, for, since
omtinken acuity, advertence, advertency, attention
omtrint almost, nearly
op 't stuit fan betsjutting current, present, present-day, topical, up-to-date
op on, upon
opfieding education / education
opmerksum attentive
oppakke arrest
opskriuwboekje agenda, appointment book / notebook
opsmite afford, bear, produce
opstekke kindle, light
ortodoks orthodox
oseaan ocean
otterdoks orthodox
paad path
paadsljochter pioneer
pake en beppe grandparents
pake grandfather
pakestoel armchair
pakkesizzer grandparent
Palmpeaske Palm Sunday
Palmsnein Palm Sunday
panyk panic
papier paper
pappegaai parrot
par pear
parasjute parachute
parkeare park
parkearterrein car park, lay-by, parking bay, parking garage, parking place
parlemint parliament
paroal speech
parochy parish
parrebeam pear-tree
partsje divide, separate, share
Parys Paris
pasjint patient
passend adequate
pastoar pastor, vicar / clergyman, pastor, priest
patint patent
patriis partridge
patsje kiss
pau peacock
paus pope
peal pole, post, stanchion, stake
pear pair / pair
pearel pearl
pears purple
Peaske Easter
peaskeblom primrose
perfoarst net not at all
Perzysk Persian
petroalje paraffin-oil, petroleum
piama pyjamas
piip pipe / barrel, channel, pipe, tube
pikswart pitch black
pilekaan pelican
pine ache, pain
piper pepper
pistoal pistol, spray gun
plak place / location, place, spot
planke board, plank
plattelân country, countryside
pleach calamity, scourge / torment
pleats estate, farm, property, ranch
pleatse lay down, place, put, put down
ploantjse plant
ploege plough
ploegje plough
ploeie plough
Poal Pole
poal pole
Poalen Poland
poarte gate, gateway, portal
poatlead pencil
pod toad
podde toad
poddestoel fungus, mushroom
poepert backside, rump
poëzy poetry
poffe count down
polityk policy, politics
pols wrist / wrist
polshorloazje watch, wrist-watch
polyp polyp
polysje policeman / policeman / police
polysjeburo police-station
polysjeman policeman / policeman
pomp pump / mashed potatoes
pompe pump
pop baby / doll, puppet
popel poplar
popelier poplar
poppe baby / doll, puppet
posityf positive
post mail, post
postkantoar post office
postrinder postman
postsegel stamp, postage stamp
praktyk practice
praktysk practical
prate speak, talk
preester priest
prehistoarje prehistory
presidint chairman, president
presiis accurate, precise
priis price
primityf primitive
prinsesse princess
prinsipe principle
print trace, track
printer printer
printkaart picture postcard / picture postcard
printsje print
proai prey
produsearje afford, bear, produce
prom plum
proses action, lawsuit / process
protter starling
provinsjaal provincial
provinsje province
prûk hairpiece, wig
psalm psalm
psychysk psychic
publisearje publish, reveal
publyk public
pylger pilgrimage
pylk arrow
pynlik painful
raam access, aggression, attack
rabberij backbiting, scandal, slander
rabje slander
rache abuse, insult, offend
radio radio, wireless
radys radish
ramt window
raven raven
ravyn ravine
read red / red / red
readboarstke robin
reade bei currant, red currant
reager heron
rêch back
rêchbonke spine / spine
reddingboat life-boat
reddingsboat life-boat
rêde keep, save, rescue
reden account, reason
rêdingsgurdle life-belt, lifebelt, safety-belt
ree cash, in cash / finished, ready, through
reek smoke
regaad acuity, advertence, advertency, attention
regear administration, government
regearje control, govern, restrain, rule
regel regulation, rule
registrearje record, register
rein rain
reinbôge rainbow
reine rain
reinjas raincoat
reis journey, trip, voyage
reizger traveller
reizgje travel
rekkenje calculate, count, figure, work out / settle, square up / settle, square up
rekkenkunde arithmetic
rekord record
rekrút recruit
religy religion
remme brake
reparearje fix, repair
republyk republic
rêst repose, rest
revolúsje revolution
ridel quiver, quivering, vibration
rie notification, notice / advice, counsel
ried advice, counsel
riede advise, counsel
riedling enigma, puzzle, riddle
riejouwer counsellor
rige file, line, rank, row, turn
rikeling rich man
rikens abundance, affluence, wealth
rikje smoke
rinfytske scooter / scooter
rinne march, walk
rioel sewer
risiko hazard, risk
rispinge harvest
rispje harvest
rispmoane August
ritmysk rhythmic
rjochter judge
rjochting direction
rjochts on the right
rjochtsaak action, lawsuit
rju quite, very, very much
roas rose
roast rust
roastje rust
roastkje rust
robbe seal, sea-dog
roeiboat row-boat, rowing-boat
roeie row
roer rudder
roggeblom cornflower
romantysk romantic
Romeinsk Roman
romtefarder astronaut, spaceman
rôt rat
rotsje putrefy, rot
rôve plunder, rob
rôver robber
rubryk column, header
rûkersguod perfume
rûnom all about, everywhere
rûp caterpillar
Ruslân Russia / Russia
Russysk Russian
rút window
rûzje quarrel
rydbewiis driving-licence
ryk affluent, rich, wealthy, well-off
rykdom abundance, affluence, wealth
ryp mature, ripe
rys rice
ryske twig
sa so, such, thus
sadwaande so, such, thus
sakeman businessman
Saks Saxon
Saksysk Saxon
salm salmon
sâlt salty / salt
samling collection
sammelje collect, gather, pick up
sân sand / seven
sânde seventh
sang singing
sânkerl grain of sand
santich seventy
santjin seventeen
santjinde seventeenth
sarkastysk acid, sarcastic
satellyt satellite
sawat about, approximately
seage saw
seagje saw
seal saddle
searje series, set
sechste sixth
sechstich sixty
sechstjin sixteen
see sea
seefûgel seagull
seehûn seal, sea-dog
see-ingte strait
Seelân Zealand
seeman sailor
seerôver pirate
seesykte seasickness
seewier alga, seaweed
sêft soft
seil sail
sein agreed, okay
seinboade ambassador, emissary, envoy, messenger
seis six
seisde sixth
sekonde second
seldsum rare
sellemoanne February
sels self, herself, himself, itself
selsbestjoer autonomy
semint cement
senuw nerve
senuweftich agitated, nervous
septimber September
seremoanje ceremony
sersjant sergeant
sfear ball, sphere
sibbe relative
sibbekunde family tree, genealogy, pedigree
sibben relations, relatives
sibskip affiliation, blood-relationship, affinity, relationship
sichtber visible
side page / silk
siden silk, silk-, silken, of silk
siderûp silkworm
sied seed
siede boil
siedzje sow
siel soul
sike breath
sikehûs hospital
sile sail
silinder cylinder, roller
simmer summer
simmermoanne June
sin sentence
Sina China
sine nerve / sinew, string, tendon
Sinees Chinaman, Chinese
Sineesk Chinese
sinesappel orange
sink zinc
sinke sink
sinkingssykte typhus
sinne sun
sinneblom sunflower
sinnebril sun-glasses
sinneljocht sunlight
sinne-opgong sunrise
sinnestriel sunbeam
sinne-ûndergong sunset
sinnich solair, sun, sun-, of the sun
sinnigje please
Sinteklaas Saint Nicholas, St. Nicholas
sinten money
sintimeter centimetre
sintjanskrûd Saint John's-wort
sintrum centre
sirkus circus
sitaat citation, quotation
sitearje cite, quote
sitroen lemon
sitte sit
sizze say, tell
sjampo shampoo
sjef chief, boss
sjem jam, marmelade
sjen see
sjerp syrup
sjerpslikje flatter
Sjina China
Sjinees Chinaman, Chinese
Sjineesk Chinese
sjippe soap
sjiraffe giraffe
sjitte fire, shoot
sjonge sing
sjongen singing
sjonger singer
sjongfûgel singing-bird, song-bird
sjongster singer, female singer
sjongstik song
skaad shadow / shade
skaadstreekje hatch, shade
skaaf plane
skaai lineage / origin / breed, race
skamte shame
skamteleas abandoned
skandaal commotion, scandal
Skandinavysk Scandinavian
skansearje damage, injure, spoil
skansearring damage
skat darling / treasure
skave abrade, plane
skea damage
skearbaas barber
skearmes razor
skeel difference
skelf heap, pile, stack
skelk apron
skema model, pattern, scheme
skeper shepherd
skepsel creature
skerm screen
skerp sharp / sharp
skerpens acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness
skerpte acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness
skiednis story, history
skiekunde chemistry / chemistry
skiekundige chemist / chemist
skiep sheep
skiepfleis mutton
skieppehoeder shepherd
skieppehok fold, pen
skier grey
skiereilân peninsula
skierroek crow
skiif dial, disc, record
skilder painter
skilderij painting, picture
skilderje paint
skilje peal, ring
skimer dusk
skimmel mold, mould
skimmelje get mouldy
skimmerich dim
skine shine / appear, appear to be, seem
skinke donate, give / ham
skinking gift, present
skip ship, vessel
skipper sailor
skiterich abject, dismal, meager, miserable, wretched
skjin clean
skjirre scissors
skoalle school
skoan pretty
skoanâlden parents-in-law
skoandochter daughter-in-law
skoanheit father-in-law
skoanmem mother-in-law
skoansoan son-in-law
skoattelje lock
skob scale
skoech shoe
skoelje cheat, crook, rogue
skom foam, froth
skomje foam, froth
skonk leg / leg, paw
skorpioen scorpion
Skot Scot, Scotsman
Skotlân Scotland
Skotsk Scottish
skouboarch theatre
skouder shoulder
skouspul show, spectacle
skraach almost, nearly
skraachwurk almost, nearly
skram abrasion, scratch
skrasse abjure, abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, remit
skreau cry, shout
skreauwe cry out, scream, shout
skrift script, writing
skrikkeljier leap-year
skriuwburo desk, writing desk, writing-desk
skriuwe write
skriuwen letter
skriuwer author / secretary / author, writer
skriuwersrjocht copyright
skriuwmasine typewriter
skriuwster secretary
skriuwtafel desk, writing desk, writing-desk
skroar needlewoman, seamstress / tailor
skroef screw
skroeve screw
skroevedraaier screwdriver
skrutel accurate, scrupulous
skuld blame, fault, guilt / debt
skuldich guilty
skûldoek tea-towel
skulp shell
skuonfiter shoe-lace
skuonmakker shoemaker / shoemaker
skuorre barrack, barn, shack, shanty, shed
skuorwoartel comfrey
skûteldoek tea-towel
skûtelwaskje wash up
skyld shield, sign-board
skyldpod tortoise
skylfisk haddock
skytmirakels affectation
skytskoarje hesitate / hesitate, waver
slaad salad
slach blow / property, quality
slachier artery
slachte sex
slachter butcher
slachterij butcher's shop
slachtmoanne November
slagje succeed
slavinne bondwoman, slave, female slave
sleau careless, negligent
sleet demand, sale
slet slut, trollop
sliepe be asleep, sleep
sliepkeamer bedroom
sljochtsinnich crazy, insane, mad, nuts
sljochtweihinne commonplace, dismal, trite
slot castle / lock
slotmakker locksmith
slûker smuggler
smaak taste
smeie forge
smel narrow
snie snow
snije fleece
snjitsje a little, rather
sône zone
sopgriente parsley
sosjaal social
sosjalisme socialism
sosjology sociology
souder attic
souje sift
souwe sieve
Spaansk Spanish
Spanjoal Spaniard
sparjild salvage, salvage money
spear lance, spear
spegel om efterút te sjen driving mirror
spegel looking-glass, mirror
spek bacon
spesjaal particular, special
spier muscle
spiker nail
spikerje nail
spinaazje spinach
spinreach spiderweb
spionearje spy
spitich alas, regrettably, unfortunately
spitigernôch alas, regrettably, unfortunately
spjalte split / burst, split
spjelde pin, needle
spjir fir / spruce, spruce-fir
spjirrebeam fir / spruce, spruce-fir
spjocht woodpecker
splite split / burst, split
spoarwei railroad, railway
spoarwein carriage, coach, railway carriage, waggon
spoek ghost, phantom
spoekje haunt
sport sport
sprake dialect / language, tongue
sprekke speak, talk
springe jump, leap, spring
sprinkhoanne grasshopper, locust / grasshopper
sproeie gush, spurt, spurt out
sprong jump, leap
spui saliva
spûns sponge
spylder actor
spylman musician
spylster actress
spyt regret
staal sample, specimen
stabyl stable
stadich slow
stadichoan gradually, little by little
stake strike
stânbyld statue
stange pole, rod
starte start off
stasjon stage, station, stop
staverje spell
steam steam, vapor, vapour
steamboat steamship
stean depend / stand
steat state
stêd city, town
stedhûs city hall, town hall
stedsk urban
stee place / location, place, spot
stelle lay down, place, put, put down
stenografy shorthand, stenography
sterk strong
sterkens force, strength
steryl sterile
steune lean, support, sustain
stiel steel
stielen steal, of steal
stien stone
stienguod crockery, earthenware, pottery / crockery, earthenware, pottery
stiennen metalled, stone
stige ascend, get up, go up, lift, rise, arise
stiif rigid, stiff
stikelbaarch porcupine
stil calm, quiet
stilstâns run
stimme vote
stjer star
stjerke asterisk
stjerre die, expire, pass away
stjerrekunde astronomy
stjit push
stjitte push, thrust
stjonke reek, smell, smell bad, stink
stjonkert cheat, crook, rogue
stoarm storm
stoel chair
stoepe pavement, sidewalk
stomp blunt
straffe punish
strak just, just now
stream current, flow, stream / current
streamke stream
streek ray, strip, stripe
streep millimetre
strie straw
striel beam, ray
striid action, battle, scuffle, struggle
string severe, strict
strinkjebei currant / currant, red currant
stripe ray, strip, stripe
strjitte street
strûk bush, shrub
struktuer structure
strúsfûgel ostrich
strykizer iron, flat-iron
studearje study
studint academic, student
stúdzje study
sturt tail
sturtstjer comet
styl style
sûch sow
Súd-Afrika South Africa
Súdafrikaansk South African
Súd-Amearika South America
Súdamerikaansk South American
Súdeast-Azië Sout-East Asia
suden south
súdlik south, southern
sûgje suck
sûkelarje chocolate
sûker sugar
sûkerreid sugar-cane
sulver silver
sulveren silver
sûn healthy, well
sûnde sin, transgression
sûnder euvelmoed guileless, inoffensive
sûnder without
sûnens health
sûnt from, since
supermerk supermarket / bazaar
surk dock, sorrel
suster sister
suverje clean, cleanse, make clean, purge
suwer pure
swaaie turn, turn around, turn round / turn
swaarm swarm
swalkje roam, wander
swan swan
swanneblom waterlily
swarm swarm
swarre swear
swart black / black
swarte lyster blackbird
Sweden Sweden
Sweed Swede
Sweedsk Swedish
swel swallow
swerve roam, wander
swevel brimstone, sulphur
swier pregnant / pregnant, with young / burdensome, heavy, onerous
swiertekrêft gravity
swiet gentle, soft, sweet, tender
swimme float, swim
swipe whip
swit perspiration, sweat
Switserlân Switzerland
Switsersk Swiss
switte sweat
swolm abscess
swurd sword
swyn hog, pig, swine
sydtûke collateral branch, side-branch
sydwei by-way, side-way
sykhelje breathe
sykheljen respiration
symboal symbol
symfony symphony
symmetrysk symmetric
sympaty sympathy
syn his / her, his, its, their
systematysk systematic
taaimelk avaricious, miserly, stingy
taaleigen idiom
taalkundich linguistic
tachtich eighty
tafel table
tagong access, admission, admittance
tagongsbewiis admission ticket
tagongskaart admission ticket
takke bough, branch
takomme close, near, nearby, next / next
taksy taxi
taktyk tactic, tactics
tal amount, number
tanamme byname, nickname, sobriquet
tange shrew, vixen, Xanthippe
tank gratitude, thanks
tankber thankful / thankful
tankje thank
tapyt carpet
tasysjauffeur taxidriver, taxi-driver
tatôgje bring, fetch
te hôf bringe bury / bury, entomb, inter
te oanfurdigjen acceptable
te pas adequate
tean toe
teater theatre
tebek backward, backwards
technology technology
technyk technics, technique
technysk technical
tee tea
teepôt tea-pot
teffens at the same time
tefreden contented, pleased, satisfied
tei melting, thaw
teie melt, thaw
tekenje design, draw
tekken blanket
tel soon
telch child, offspring, young
telefoan telephone
telefoansel call box, telephone kiosk, phone booth, telephone booth
telegrafearje telegraph
televyzje television, TV
televyzjetastel TV set, television set
telle count
teloarstelle disappoint, set straight
tema theme, topic, subject
teminsten at least
temperamint temperament
temperatuer temperature
te'n earsten at first, at the outset, in the beginning / at first, at the outset, in the beginning
teory theory
term intestine
termometer thermometer
terms intestines
Tersoal Tersoal, Terzool
testamint testament, will
thús at home / home
ticht open
tichtdwaan close, shut
tien twig
tieneblom willowherb
tige considerably / quite, very, very much
tiid time, while
tiidwurd verb
tiisdei Tuesday
tiksel dandelion
timpel temple
tin gaunt, lean, slender, thin
tinkteken monument
tins thought
tinte tent
titelroas daffodil, narcissus
tizeboel chaos, tangle
tjems sieve
toan tone
toarnbei blackberry
toarne thorn
toerist tourist
tolf twelve
tolfde twelfth
tolve twelve
tomatesop tomato-soup
Tomke Tom Thumb
tomme thumb / thumb
tonge sole
tonger thunder
tongerblom ground ivy
tongerje thunder
tongersdei Thursday
tosk tooth
toskboarstel tooth-brush
toskedokter dentist
toskfleis gum
toskpluzer toothpick
toskpoetserguod tooth-paste
totaal absolute, complete / overall, total
tou cord, rope, string
toverje bewitch
traach slow
tradysje tradition
tragedy tragedy
tragysk tragic
treast consolation
treastgje comfort, console
tredde third
trêde third
tree stair, step, rung
treffe come across, encounter, meet, see / catch, hit, run across, strike
treftich aristocratic
trettjin thirteen
trettjinde thirteenth
triedzje string
trien tear
trije three
trijehoek triangle
triomf triumph
tritich thirty
triuw push
triuwe push, thrust
troan throne
troch fersin by mistake
troch through
tromme drum
tromp drum
tromslagger drummer
tropysk tropical
tsien ten
tsiende tenth
tsientûzen ten thousand
tsiis cheese
tsjen drag, draw, haul, pull, tug
tsjerke church, church-building, house of worship, place of worship
tsjerkhôf cemetery, God's acre, graveyard
tsjil wheel
tsjin across from, against, in exchange for, opposed to, opposite, upon
tsjingif antidote / antidote
tsjinje serve
tsjinsin aversion, dislike
tsjinst service
tsjoender enchanter, magician, sorcerer, warlock, wizard
tsjoenster witch
tsjok bold, corpulent, fat, thick
tsjokte thickness
tsjûchskrift certificate, testimony
tsjuster dark, dim
tûke bough, branch
tún garden
túnkaantsje African marigold
túnman gardener
tuorre beetle / beetle
tusken among, between
tút kiss
tútsje kiss
tûzen thousand, one thousand
twa two
twadde second
twang formal, measured, stiff / formal
twaspraak dialogue
twatal pair / pair
tweintich twenty
tweintichste twentieth
twiich twig
twingboal tyrant
twivel doubt
twivelje doubt
type type / type
typysk typical
ûle owl
ûnder below, beneath, under, underneath
ûndjip shallow, superficial
ûngedien exhausted, tired out, worn out
ûngelok accident
ûnhuer dismal, dreary, horrible, nasty
ûnhuerich dismal, dreary, horrible, nasty / quite, very, very much
unifoarm uniform
ûnmaatskiplik antisocial, unsocial
ûnskuldich guiltless, innocent
ûntfange get, have, receive
ûntploffe explode
ûntploffing explosion
uny union
unyk unique
út 'e liken breathless
út en troch now and then
út from, out of
útbesteegje invite tenders for, put out to tender
útbestelle invite tenders for, put out to tender
útjouwer publisher
útjouwerij publisher, publishing house
útlân foreign country
útlanner foreigner
útlânsk alien, foreign
útlibbe decayed, decrepit, dilapidated, lapsed, rickety
útnoeging invitation
útrin mouth / mouth
útropwurd interjection
útsjoch view
útspraak pronunciation
útwikelse decayed, decrepit, dilapidated, lapsed, rickety
waakse accrue, grow
waans of which, which one's, whose
waansin craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness
waarglês barometer
waarm warm
waarmte warmth
wachtsje abide, expect, wait, await, wait for
wâld forest, woods
walfisk whale
wang cheek
wanhoopje despair
wanhope despair
wanhopich desperate
wapenje arm
warber active / active, in action / active, hardworking
warberens activity, vigour
weach wave
wearde value, worth
wearzich averse
wedzje bet, wager
weet wheat
wegerje refuse, reject
wei road, route, way
weilitte leave out, omit, overlook
wein car
weislepe lose
welle fountain, source, spring
wenkeamer living-room, sitting-room
wenne accustom oneself, get used
wenst custom, habit, way
went abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence
wente abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence
westlik western
wet law
wetter water
wetterfal waterfall / waterfall
weversblêd plaintain
wêzen character, nature, personality / character, nature
widdo widow
widner widower
wierheid truth / reality, truth
wiet wet
wifkje hesitate / hesitate, waver
wifkjen hesitation
wiid broad
wiidte width
wiif wife / woman
wike week
wikje vetch
winkel boutique, shop, store
winkelje shop
winliken actually, as a matter of fact, indeed, in fact
winsk desire, want, wish
winter winter
wintermoanne December
wiskundich mathematical
witte know, know how
wittenskip science
wittenskiplik scientific
wizânsje custom, habit, way
wjirgje choke, strangle
wjirm worm
wjuk wing
woansdei Wednesday
woarst sausage
woartel carrot / root
woastine desert
wolf wolf
wolk cloud
wolkom welcome
wolle be willing to, want, wish
wolno now, well, well then
wrâld world
wrâlddiel continent, mainland
wrâldoarloch worldwar
wreed cruel
wrek revenge, vengeance
wreke avenge, avenge oneself
wriuwe rub
wûne injury, wound
wurch tired
wurd word
wurdboek dictionary, vocabulary
wurde become, get, grow
wurdlid syllable
wurgje choke, strangle
wurk job, work
wurkleas unemployed
wurkleazens unemployment
wurklist agenda
wurkromte workplace
wy us, we
wyfkehart doe, hind
wykein week-end
wylch willow
wyld savage, wild
wylgebeam willow
wylgenbeam willow
wylst for, during, whereas, while, whilst
wyn wind / wine
wynbrau brow, eyebrow
wynmoanne October
wyt white / white
yl corn
yllúzje illusion
ymker apiarist, bee-keeper, bee-master
ymponearje impress, strike
ymportearje import
yn 'e earste opslach at first, at the outset, in the beginning / at first, at the outset, in the beginning
yn 'e nominaasje komme be considered, count
yn oarwei differently
yn a, in, inside, into, on, per, within
ynbrekker burglar
yndiaan Indian, American Indian
yndividu individual
yndividueel individual
yndustrieel industrial
yndustry industry
Yndysk Indian
ynein tired
ynfantery infantry
ynfeksje infection
ynfektearje infect
ynfiere import
ynfieren proud
ynfierenheid pride
ynflaasje inflation
ynfloed action, influence
yngewant intestines
yngong entrance, portal
ynliivje annex
ynliving annexation
ynpakke pack, package, wrap up
ynsekt bug, insect
ynstimming acclaim, acclamation, approval
ynstrumint instrument
yntelligint intelligent, sagacious
ynteressant interesting
ynteresse interest
ynteressearre gripped, interested
ytber edible