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Robot[modifier le wikicode]

Hi Gerard,

Yes, a bot is most useful to fix interwikis links and template formating. I also registred abot with the name of Yann Bot. You can also use a bot on fr: but it would be better than it is registred as such so it doesn't clutter RC. You need a steward for that. Ask Angela or Anthere. Yann 9 oct 2004 à 11:43 (UTC)

I have been botting with a user called RobotGMwikt. This user will do exclusive stuff by Robot. I have fixed a lot of interwiki links on nl that way. It needs some more tweaking to get it correct for wiktionary.. GerardM 9 oct 2004 à 19:46 (UTC)

Interwiki at the bottom[modifier le wikicode]

Hello Gerard,

would it be possible to make your bot insert the interwiki links at the bottom of the page (after categories), instead of inserting them at the beginning ?

Also, with one interwiki link per line, it would be perfect :-) . --Kipmaster 4 jun 2005 à 09:43 (UTC)

It is certainly possible as it does it on all other wiktionaries as well. It is in the software. Propably this is the standard on the fr.wikipedia.. otherwise I would not understand why it does it like this .. Thanks, GerardM 2 jul 2005 à 09:26 (UTC)
I have asked Andre Engels to have a look. I have started it again with a work around. Now it should be at the bottom. The current run is as much about the changes on the en.wiktionary; they are not on first character capitalisation anymore. GerardM 2 jul 2005 à 09:45 (UTC)
Thanks, it works fine ! In fact, I thought your were the author of the script... I read somewhere that what I propose was the standard, but I can't remember on which page it was written :-(
I've read however that on pl, they prefer having the interwiki links at the beginning, strange...
Good news for the en.wiktionary ;) and thanks again --Kipmaster 2 jul 2005 à 09:52 (UTC)

interwiki case[modifier le wikicode]

Hi Gerard :) I'd like to warn you that the links made by your bot should respect the case of the word. It is important because in fr (and now in en) we distinguish them. For example, your bot created interwiki links to person and to Person in the article Person : it is incorrect. Could you change it so it only write the case of the word ? Thank you :) --Dakdada (discuter) 8 jul 2005 à 16:33 (UTC)

The problem is that the en.wiktionary DOES have Person. It however is a redirect to person. The English wiktionary insists that this should be correct while it is not. GerardM 8 jul 2005 à 16:36 (UTC)

New bot version[modifier le wikicode]

Hi ! I'm a little bit curious about how the new version of the bot is working.

  1. Before, it was totally alphabetically ordered, it was starting with "a" and finishing with chinese characters. Now, it seems to be sometimes alphabetically ordered, sometimes not.
  2. How is it possible that the bot modifies an entrie that has been created after the last dump ? (I created the word "revolution" on July 10, the bot modified it on July 13, whereas the last dump is (was) June 23).

Thanks, Kipmaster 13 jul 2005 à 10:44 (UTC)

The bot is indeed different. What you saw was the effect of having 5 bots running at the same time, creating the changes on all the wiktionaries that they are signed on to. The consequence is that when I now run the bot like today for the Vietnamese wiktioanry, all wiktionaries will be updated with the content from the Vietnames and other wiktionaries as well. This makes for much better quality.
The bot does NOT run from a dump, it reads the current entries sequentially from the life wiktionary. :) GerardM 15 jul 2005 à 22:06 (UTC)

Audio[modifier le wikicode]

Hi Gerard :)

Since you are adding pronunciations, could you use this :

{{pron-audio|Pays-Bas - Den Bosch|nl-Den Bosch.ogg}}
| []
| []

as a subsection of the {-pron-} section ? (see Den Bosch to see how it looks like)

Thanks for adding those sounds ;) - Dakdada (discuter) 14 avril 2006 à 12:04 (UTC)[répondre]

Hoi, I am just the sorry sod who runs a bot. I do not know how to add these pronunciations automatically.. I am not interested in manually adding some 10.000 soundfiles and I do not know how a bot would do that. :) GerardM 15 juillet 2006 à 22:04 (UTC)[répondre]

Bot mistake[modifier le wikicode]

As shown here, your bot made a little mistake : Moving the [[et:durée]] tag to the end of article indeed moved the end-of-table template {{)}} into an element list, which caused sub-sections to appear inside the table. For the defense of your bot, I must recognize it was a tricky case (the [[et:durée]] not being at the beginning of the line). Maybe you should make your bot move the entire line, ignore the tag if not at the beginning of the line, or get an error. I fixed this case for the word "durée", maybe there are others but I don't know how to find them. However, that's not a big error. I also sent a message to the responsible of the et: in the element list (here, so you don't need to bore him again with that ;-) Yopai (disc) 11 juillet 2006 à 17:37 (UTC)[répondre]

Sorry, the bot is stupid. ALL interwiki links are placed according to the software. This means there is either the Polish variant or, it places the interwiki links at the very end of the page.. If your software cannot deal with it, it is due to the wrong analysis of how these things work. Thanks, sorry for not being helpful, I run a bot, I do not program it. GerardM 15 juillet 2006 à 22:02 (UTC)[répondre]

Problem with you bot on French Wiktionnary[modifier le wikicode]

I had to block your bot on French Wiktionnary because he was blanking our pages. Can you correct it now ? Thank's very much. --Bertrand GRONDIN 19 septembre 2006 à 05:04 (UTC)[répondre]

I've already blocked your bot for a day to prevent that it blanks pages with cyrilic title. Can you correct that, please.--Bertrand GRONDIN 19 septembre 2006 à 20:51 (UTC)[répondre]

I am now running the bot with a new version of the software. It has been drastically changed by Andre Engels, one of the key people of the pywikipedia bot. The bot has been running for over a year and has been reliable .. up to the last time. When you have a reason to contact me, please use the mail facility. You do not find me often at individual wiktionaries. Thanks, GerardM 1 octobre 2006 à 11:31 (UTC)[répondre]

A propos de RobotGMwikt[modifier le wikicode]

Bonjour GerardM,

Je viens de retirer à RobotGMwikt (d · c · b) son statut de bot, celui-ci étant inactif depuis juin 2008.

Si jamais tu venais à en avoir de nouveau besoin, une simple demande aux bureaucrates suffira.

Bonne continuation ! -- Quentinv57 30 juillet 2010 à 13:07 (UTC)[répondre]