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(Années 2000) Terme non sexiste de Latina et Latino, la lettre @ remplaçant a et o et prononcée ao ou e.

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Latin@ \lə.ˈti.naʊ\ ou \lə.ˈti.neɪ\ (États-Unis), \lə.ˈtiː.naʊ\ ou \lə.ˈtiː.neɪ\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Néologisme) Latino-américain, d’origine latino-américaine.
    • This chapter describes how an experienced high school English teacher created critical spaces to support a group of Latin@ students as they used new media to create awareness of and opposition to the harsh anti-immigration policies in the southeastern United States. — (Lindy L. Johnson, et al., Creating Critical Spaces for Youth Activists, dans Patricia Paugh, et al. (éds), Teaching towards Democracy with Postmodern and Popular Culture Texts, 2014, ISBN 9789462098756)

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ou \lə.ˈtiː.naʊ\
ou \lə.ˈtiː.naʊz\

Latin@ \lə.ˈti.naʊ\ ou \lə.ˈti.neɪ\ (États-Unis), \lə.ˈtiː.naʊ\ ou \lə.ˈtiː.neɪ\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Néologisme) Latino-Américain, Latino-Américaine. Personne d’origine latino-américaine.
    • Latin@s did not bring federal court cases to the U.S. Supreme Court until the second half of the twentieth century. The earliest case promoting the civil rights of Latin@s urged the Supreme Court to overturn the practice of excluding Latin@s from serving on juries in criminal cases. — (Norma V. Cantú, State-Federal Relations Concerning Latin@ Civil Rights in the United States, dans Norma E. Cantú et ‎María E. Fránquiz (éds), Inside the Latin@ Experience: A Latin@ Studies Reader, 2010, ISBN 9780230106840)

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