Pharaoh Hound

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Singulier Pluriel
Pharaoh Hound
\ˈfɛɹ.oʊ ˌhaʊnd\
ou \ˈfɛə.ɹəʊ ˌhaʊnd\
Pharaoh Hounds
\ˈfɛɹ.oʊ ˌhaʊndz\
ou \ˈfɛə.ɹəʊ ˌhaʊndz\

Pharaoh Hound \ˈfɛɹ.oʊ ˌhaʊnd\ (États-Unis), \ˈfɛə.ɹəʊ ˌhaʊnd\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Zootechnie) Variante orthographique de pharaoh hound (« chien du pharaon »).
    • A Pharaoh Hound was recently rescued from a pet shop. He was purchased out of pity by a dog lover who had watched him languish for weeks. — (American Kennel Gazette, vol. 109, 1992)
    • Sheba and Solo, the two Pharaoh Hounds who’d been lying under the table, suddenly howled. — (Lindy Cameron, Redback, 2018, ISBN 9780987160300)