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De l'ancien français blanchir.

Nom commun [modifier]

blanch \blɑːntʃ\ (Indénombrable)

  1. (Minéralogie) Minerai mixé avec des minéraux.

Verbe [modifier]

lanch \blɑːntʃ\

  1. Pâlir.
    • I had not been pulling for more than a minute or so, when George noticed something black floating on the water, and we drew up to it. George leant over, as we neared it, and laid hold of it. And then he drew back with a cry, and a blanched face.
      It was the dead body of a woman.
      — (Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat, XVI, 1889)

Adjectif [modifier]

blanch \blɑːntʃ\

  1. Définition manquante ou à compléter. (Ajouter)



Du français blanche

Adjectif [modifier]


  1. Blanc.