brass knuckles

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Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

 Composé de brass et de knuckle.

Locution nominale [modifier le wikicode]

brass knuckles \Prononciation ?\

  1. Poing américain.
    • The morning after the election I was attacked down the street by old man Sally, with brass knuckles, […] Then I was cut by George Moss and Mike Sally, and they struck me in the head with a brass knuckle, and then one came up and hit me […] — (Congressional Edition, United States Congress, 1879)
    • They were partial to roundhouse punches with brass knuckles and swipes with switchblades. Ripping the mirror off the wall, Bourne slammed its edge into a brass knuckle. The mirror cracked into a dozen shards, and Bourne grabbed […] — (Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum’s™ The Bourne Dominion, 2011)
    • After some careful analysis, I think brass knuckles are the new octopi, which were the new owls, which were the new sparrows. Check it out! There are about 200 different brass knuckle–related items on Etsy right now. Sell your stock in octopi and jump on the brass knuckles train. — (Grace Dobush, Crafty Superstar, 2011)

Forme de locution nominale [modifier le wikicode]

brass knuckles \Prononciation ?\

  1. Pluriel de brass knuckle.

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