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Emprunté au grec ancien καλλίπυγος, kallípugos (« qui a de belles fesses »), issu de καλός kalós (« bon, beau ») et de πυγή pugế (« fesse »).

Adjectif [modifier]

Nature Forme
Positif callipygous
Comparatif more callipygous
Superlatif most callipygous


  1. Callipyge.
    • One does not fall very desperately in love with a loud speaker, however pretty, however firmly plump (for Philip’s tastes were rather old-fashioned), however attractively callipygous. (Aldous Huxley Point Counter Point, Chapter VII, p. 88, 1928)
    • He enjoyed Nurse Sue Ann Duckett’s long white legs and supple, callipygous ass; he often neglected to remember that she was quite slim and fragile from the waist up and hurt her unintentionally in moments of passion when he hugged her too roughly. (Joseph Heller, Catch-22, 1961.)
    • The other hand came up and together they described a near callipygous shape. (Samuel R. Delany, Triton, Bantam Books, p.105. 1976)


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