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Du latin chiasmus, issu du grec ancien χιασμός, khiasmós (« croisement »), dérivé de χιάζω (« marquer avec un chi »), lui-même dérivé de χ, chi (« chi »).

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  1. (Rhétorique) Chiasme.
    • The book of Habakkuk has been discovered to consist of a closely knit chaistic structure throughout. This is the first poem of such length to stand revealed as a literary unit of this kind, though chiasmus has already been discovered throughout many psalms […] — (H. H. Walker & N. W. Lund "The Literary Sturcture of the Book of Habakkuk", Journal of Biblical Literature 53 (4): 355, 1934)
    • John F. Kennedy is more famous for his chiasmus than for many of his policies:
      "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."
      — (Ethel Grodzins Romm, "Persuasive Writing", American Bar Association Journal 70: 158, 1984)
    • Leeman therefore holds that chiasmus is the basic order in Greek and Latin: antithesis is, he claims, normal for the modern, rational mind, but for the Greeks and Romans chiasmus was more natural. — (Simon R. Slings, "Figures of Speech in Aristophanes", in Andreas Willi (editor), The Language of Greek Comedy, pages 103-104, 2002)
    • The realization that Mawlānā was using parallelism and chiasmus to organize the higher levels of his work has been a major surprise. — (Seyed Ghahreman Safavi & Simon Weightman, Rūmī's Mystical Design: Reading the Mathnawī, Book One, page 46, 2009)

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