feme covert

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De l'anglo-normand feme (« femme ») et covert (« protégé »).

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feme covert
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femes covert
ou femes coverts
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feme covert

  1. (Droit) (Principalement historique) Femme mariée.
    • ‘you, Diana Vernon, spinstress, not being a femme couverte, and being a convict popish recusant, are bound to repair to your own dwelling, and that by the nearest way, under penalty of being held felon to the king [...].’ — (Walter Scott, Rob Roy, IX, 1817)
    • A deed of a feme covert, to be valid, must be executed by the husband also. — (Thomas W Waterman, American Chancery Digest, vol. II, 1851)
    • Connecticut courts failed to recognize feme couvert property rights until 1723, when the legislature finally passed an act significantly reforming the law on conveyancing. — (Marylynn Salmon, Women and the Law of Property in Early America, 1986)

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