furlong per fortnight

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Créé par plaisanterie des deux unités de base du système FFF, furlong et fortnight.

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furlong per fortnight
\ˌfɝ.lɔŋ pɝ ˈfɔɹt.ˌnaɪt\
ou \ˌfɜː.lɔŋ pɜː ˈfɔːt.ˌnaɪt\
furlongs per fortnight
\ˌfɝ.lɔŋz pɝ ˈfɔɹt.ˌnaɪt\
ou \ˌfɜː.lɔŋz pɜː ˈfɔːt.ˌnaɪt\

furlong per fortnight \ˌfɝ.lɔŋ pɝ ˈfɔɹt.ˌnaɪt\ (États-Unis), \ˌfɜː.lɔŋ pɜː ˈfɔːt.ˌnaɪt\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Par plaisanterie) Unité de mesure de vitesse valant un furlong par deux semaines, soit environ 1,663×10−4 mètres par seconde ou 0,0005987 kilomètres par heure.
    • This Mach number is dimensionless (just as is the decibel), because it matters not a whit what system of units is used: the Mach number will not be altered whether velocity is measured in meter per second, mile per hour, or furlong per fortnight. — (H. Arthur Klein, The world of measurements, 1974, p. 610)
    • In the British system, a good unit for velocity would be furlongs per fortnight, although this is rarely used. We commonly measure amounts of floor covering in square yards, the amount of gasoline we purchase in gallons, and the amount of heat generated by a propane grill in BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour. — (Michael J. Cardamone, Fundamental Concepts of Physics, 2007, ISBN 9781599424330, p. 15)

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