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(Date à préciser) De l’anglais gig.

Nom commun [modifier]

Singulier Pluriel
gig gigs

gig \ʒiɡ\ masculin

  1. (Automobile) Sorte de cabriolet.






(Nom 1) (Date à préciser) Du vieux norrois, apparenté à gigue et jig.
(Nom 2) (Date à préciser) Apocope de gigabyte.

Nom commun 1 [modifier]

Singulier Pluriel

gig \ɡɪɡ\

  1. (Jazz) Engagement occasionnel, généralement sans enjeu artistique.
    • Sometimes entire bands show up at jams, hoping to impress a club owner for a future gig. — (Karen Hanson, Today’s Chicago Blues, Lake Claremont Press, 2007, p. 101)
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    • The band got a big gig playing in New York City.
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  2. (Par extension) Tout petit boulot.
    • I had this gig as a file clerk but it wasn't my style so I left.
  3. (Automobile) Gig, cabriolet.
    • The room grew stifling warm and vapor clung to the windowpanes, blurring the throng of people still milling outside the courthouse, a row of tethered gigs and buggies, distant pine trees in a scrawny, ragged grove. — (William Styron, The Confessions of Nat Turner, 1967)
    • The gig, according to order, was brought round to the door with both lamps brightly shining, and the young men had to pay their bill and take the road. — (Robert Louis Stevenson, The Body Snatcher, 1884)
  4. (États-Unis) (Militaire) Réprimande.
    • I received gigs for having buttons undone.
  5. (Pays de Galles) (Navigation) (Marine) Gigue, chaloupe.
    • The captain's gig still lies before ye whole and sound,
      It shall carry all o' we.
      — (Stan Rogers, The Flowers of Bermuda, 1979)
    • You'll not need the gig today, sir. A boat’s heading to us in fine style. — (Alexander Kent, Command a King's Ship, McBooks Press, 1998, p. 50)
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Verbe [modifier]

Temps Forme
Infinitif to gig
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
Prétérit gigged
Participe passé gigged
Participe présent gigging
voir conjugaison anglaise

gig \ɡɪɡ\

  1. (Pêche) Pêcher sur une petite chaloupe.
  2. (Jazz) Jouer de la musique, faire un .
    • The Stones were gigging around Richmond at the time.
  3. Se moquer, plaisanter.
    • His older cousin was just gigging him about being in love with that girl from school.


Nom commun 2[modifier]

Singulier Pluriel

gig \ɡɪɡ\

  1. (Métrologie) (Informatique) (Familier) Gigaoctet.

Vocabulaire apparenté par le sens[modifier]

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Forme de nom commun [modifier]

Mutation Singulier Pluriel
Non muté kig kigoù
Adoucissante da gig da gigoù
Spirante he cʼhig he cʼhigoù
Durcissante ho kig ho kigoù

gig \Prononciation ?\ masculin

  1. Forme adoucie de kig.