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impeccably \ɪmˈpɛk.ə.bli\

  1. Irréprochablement, impeccablement.
    • The great pianist was a prolific composer, who wrote impeccably for the piano. — (David Dubal, Art of the Piano: Its performers, literature, and recordings, page 433, 1995)
    • It is difficult to distinguish one bourgeois from another: the grande bourgeoisie are impeccably dressed at all times and don’t speak to anyone outside their own class; the bonne bourgeoisie are impeccably dressed and speak to everyone; the petite bourgeoisie are impeccably dressed and speak only to complain […] — (The Xenophobe’s Guide to the French, page 17, 1999)
    • In fact, even when I did make some small mistakes with grammar, people still said I spoke impeccably. — (Susanna Zaraysky, Language Is Music, page 19, 2009)

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