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(1612) De l'ourdou نواب‎, navāb, du persan, de l'arabe نُوَّاب‎, nuwwāb, pluriel honorifique de نَائِب‎, nāʾib.

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  1. Nabab, prince de l'Inde moghole.
  2. (Par extension) Personne riche, nabab.
    • According to Lucien's memoirs, during this period of complete flux in his career Napoleon even contemplated joining the East India Company's army, albeit more for for its financial than military advantages, saying ‘I will return in a few years a rich nabob, bringing some handsome dowries for my three sisters.’ — (Andrew Roberts, Napoleon the Great, Penguin Books, 2014, p. 60)
  3. (Par extension) Personne ayant un style maniéré et grandiose.

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