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 Dérivé de original, avec le suffixe -ly.

Adverbe [modifier le wikicode]

originally \ə.ˈɹɪdʒ.ɪ.nə.li\, \ə.ˈɹɪdʒ.ə.nə.li\, \ə.ˈɹɪdʒ.nə.li\

  1. D’abord, au début, en premier lieu.
    • Originally, I was going to say no. But then I decided to agree.
  2. À l’origine, originairement, au commencement.
    • Originally, people used horses, before the coming of the car.
  3. Originaire.
    • He is originally from New Jersey, but now he lives in Boston.

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