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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

Du latin palustris, issu de palūs (« marais »).

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif palustral
Comparatif more palustral
Superlatif most palustral


  1. Palustre.
    • Telebasis salva is found in shallow waters containing palustral vegetation. — (Robert Leslie Usinger, Aquatic Insects of California, p. 145, 1956)
    • The insects are scant, skinny.
      In these palustral homes we only
      Croak and wither.
      — (Sylvia Plath, ‘Frog Autumn’, 1958)
    • Its archaic handsomeness, nemoral and chthonic, is the palustral involution of the vagina folded out and distended, cave become tower, as elegant a morphology as the spreading of the conifer leaf into oak and elm. — (Guy Davenport, Tatlin!, 1974)

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