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Forme d’adjectif [modifier]

putative \py.ta.tiv\

  1. Féminin singulier de putatif.



(1432) Du latin putativus.

Adjectif [modifier]

Nature Forme
Positif putative
Comparatif more putative
Superlatif most putative

putative \ˈpju.tə.tɪv\

  1. Putatif.
    • [T]he lady… insisted upon going herself, requesting me to mind for a second the baby... lo! the baby awoke and stared at me with a pair of big frightened eyes, which the little thing in another moment rolled in all directions, as if in search of its putative mother. (Maurice Mauris, A Materialistic Artist, New York Times, 9 novembre 1879, p. 10)
    • Just as Prince Sihanouk is fronting for the Khmer Rouge today… so also was he their putative leader from 1970 to 1975. (William E. Colby et Jeremy J. Stone, US must support Thailand if Cambodia is to survive, Milwaukee Sentinel (Los Angele Times Service), 28 octobre 1989 (consulté le 15 septembre 2009))
    • Karr’s past does raise suspicions. When he was arrested in Bangkok, he was living in a dormitory-like guesthouse in a neighborhood frequented by sex tourists. Of course, Karr’s putative pedophilia would not make him guilty of murder. (Unmesh Kher, No Neat Endings for the JonBenet Case, Time, 18 août 2006)




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Forme d’adjectif [modifier]

putative \Prononciation ?\

  1. Féminin pluriel de putativo.