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Français[modifier le wikicode]

Forme d’adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

putative \py.ta.tiv\

  1. Féminin singulier de putatif.

Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

(1432) Du latin putativus.

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif putative
Comparatif more putative
Superlatif most putative

putative \ˈpju.tə.tɪv\

  1. Putatif.
    • [T]he lady… insisted upon going herself, requesting me to mind for a second the baby... lo! the baby awoke and stared at me with a pair of big frightened eyes, which the little thing in another moment rolled in all directions, as if in search of its putative mother. — (Maurice Mauris, A Materialistic Artist, New York Times, 9 novembre 1879, p. 10)
    • Just as Prince Sihanouk is fronting for the Khmer Rouge today… so also was he their putative leader from 1970 to 1975. — (William E. Colby et Jeremy J. Stone, US must support Thailand if Cambodia is to survive, Milwaukee Sentinel (Los Angele Times Service), 28 octobre 1989 (consulté le 15 septembre 2009))
    • Karr’s past does raise suspicions. When he was arrested in Bangkok, he was living in a dormitory-like guesthouse in a neighborhood frequented by sex tourists. Of course, Karr’s putative pedophilia would not make him guilty of murder. — (Unmesh Kher, No Neat Endings for the JonBenet Case, Time, 18 août 2006)

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Italien[modifier le wikicode]

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putative \Prononciation ?\

  1. Féminin pluriel de putativo.