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(XVIe siècle) Incertain, peut-être du vieil anglais wandreth, du vieux norrois vandræði (« difficulté »). Référence nécessaire

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quandary \ˈkwɒn.də.ɹi\

  1. Embarras, perplexité, incertitude.
    • Piaggi nodded understanding while his mind was in a quandary. The existence of highly skilled Mafia assassins was for the most part a fiction created by TV and movies. — (Tom Clancy, Without Remorse, 1993.)
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  2. Dilemme.
    • Then I would begin contemplating the next quandary: "Does the Torah say it’s okay to portray a hooker, and is a heart of gold a mitigating factor?" — (Jennifer Traig, Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood‎, 2004)
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