shoulder walnut

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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

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Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

19e siècle
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Locution verbale [modifier le wikicode]

shoulder walnut \Prononciation ?\

  1. Prendre les armes, s’enrôler.
    • And yet, if Kossuth had attempted to levy a regiment — nay, a single company — out of the hundreds of thousands of artisans who were hollaing after him, he would have been miserably disappointed with the result. Not a soul of them – from the Roman-minded alderman, who magniloquently expressed himself as ready to die at any given moment for the cause of freedom, down to the hairy fellow from the forge, who knew as much about the Hungarian question as he did of the politics of Timbuctoo — would have shouldered walnut in his service. It was a grand demonstration – that was all; and it neither found, nor was intended to find, an echo within the walls of Parliament. — (Blackwood's magazine, vol. 72, 1852, pp. 648-649 → lire en ligne)