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(Nom commun) (1846)[1] Forme étendue de sis, abréviation de sister (« sœur »). Le sens de « garçon efféminé » est attesté pour la première fois en 1879[2] ou 1887[1].
(Adjectif) (1891)[1] Par adjectivation du nom commun[1].

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Singulier Pluriel

sissy \ˈsɪ.siː\

  1. (Familier) (Péjoratif) Garçon efféminé.
    • “What! Bill Gadsby? Is this town plumb crazy? Say! If you put that fop in City Hall you’ll find all its railings flapping with pink satin ribbons; a janitor at its main door, squirting vanilla on all who go in; and its front lawn will turn into a pansy farm! Put a man in City Hall, not a sissy who thinks out ‘upsy-downsy, insy-outsy’ camping suits for girls!” — (Ernest Vincent Wright, Gadsby, Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc., 1939, Chapitre 22)
  2. (Familier) (Péjoratif) Personne timide, faible ou lâche.
    • Here’s some more cool slang people are comfortable using—‘pussy’ means you’re weak, ‘dick’ means you’re a jerk, a ‘sissy’ means you need to toughen up, etc. — (Renita Siqueira, « Trapped By Gendered Language? Is There A Way Out? »,, 3 février 2020 → lire en ligne)
    • So I would put on a mask when I was with my peers, rather than authentically feel my feelings. That’s how I wound up having the default script of masculinity embed itself as a chant in my brain, as I grew up into a toxic teenager: Man up. Don’t cry. Don’t back down. Work harder. Have more sex. Don’t show weakness. Don’t share your feelings. Don’t be a sissy. — (Dennis Shinski, « ‘Western alienation’ isn’t a political talking point – it’s a real crisis, for real people », The Globe and Mail, 7 février 2020 → lire en ligne)
  3. (Fétichisme sexuel) Homme travesti adoptant un comportement jugé féminin.

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sissy \ˈsɪ.siː\

  1. (Familier) (Péjoratif) Efféminé.
    • "A sissy outfit, that 's what it is," he said abruptly; "and a sissy program. None of it in mine, please." — (Jack London, The Cruise of the Dazzler, 1902, Chapitre 1)
  2. (Familier) (Péjoratif) Lâche, poltron.
    • We didn't get where we are thanks to the sissy notion of resilience. — (Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile, 2012)

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