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  1. Solliciteur.
  2. (Droit) (Royaume-Uni) (Canada) Avocat non-plaidant
    • La distinction entre barrister et solicitor provient du système anglais où il existe encore aujourd'hui deux professions juridiques différentes. On appelle barrister les membres du barreau, c'est-à-dire les avocats, et solicitor les membres des sociétés juridiques, c'est-à-dire les conseillers juridiques et les notaires. — (André Émond et Lucie Lauzière, Introduction à l'étude du droit, éditions Wilson & Lafleur, Montréal, 2005, p. 195.)
    • "How did you do it? Have you searched for hidden treasure, or discovered a pole, or done time on a pirate, or flown the Channel, or what? Where is the glamour of romance? How did you get it?"
      He stared at me with a hopeless expression upon his vacuous, good-natured, scrubby little face.
      "Don't you think all this is a little too personal?" he said.
      "Well, just one question," I cried. "What are you? What is your profession?"
      "I am a solicitor's clerk," said he. "Second man at Johnson and Merivale's, 41 Chancery Lane."
      "Good-night!" said I, and vanished, like all disconsolate and broken-hearted heroes, into the darkness, with grief and rage and laughter all simmering within me like a boiling pot.
      — (Conan Doyle, The Lost World, 1912)
  3. (États-Unis) VRP, démarcheur.

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