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  1. Insu.
    • It happened unbeknownst to me. (à mon insu)
    • Once, while being transported, a four-hundred-pound ingot broke through the flimsy wagon bottom, unbeknownst to the driver and his companion. — (James E. Sherman et Barbara H. Sherman, Lost Towns of Arizona, chapitre « Harqua Hala », page 75 [page 87 dans le document en ligne]. University of Oklahoma Press, 1969.)
    • In Michigan, a grandmother who picked up her grandson from the Lansing airport was sentenced to life in prison without parole after police stopped her car and found that her grandson (unbeknownst to her) had a large amount of cocaine in his suitcase. — (James Bovard, Lost Rights : The Destruction of American Liberty, chapitre 7 (« Guns, Drugs, Searches, and Snares »), page 210. Palgrave Macmillan, 1995.)
    • Seemingly unbeknownst to each other, groups of scholars in five different parts of the world started re—examining various lines of evidence for Polynesian contacts, re—opening a debate that had raged for much of the 19th and early 20th centuries. — (Sous la direction de Terry L. Jones, Alice A. Storey, Elizabeth A. Matisoo-Smith et José Miguel Ramírez-Aliaga, Polynesians in America: Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World, Preface, page XV. Altamira Press, 2011.)

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