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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

 Composé de up et de hold.

Verbe [modifier le wikicode]

Temps Forme
Infinitif to uphold
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
Prétérit upheld
Participe passé upheld
Participe présent upholding
voir conjugaison anglaise

uphold \ʌpˈhəʊld\

  1. Appuyer, maintenir, soutenir.
    • Similarly, both the Government and the EU argued at the time the deal was agreed that they were upholding the Good Friday Agreement by implementing the Protocol. — (Has the Northern Ireland Protocol undermined the United Kingdom? Wednesday June 02, 2021)
  2. Confirmer.
    • He upholds this classification in 2010.

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