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Anglais[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Du latin vulnerārius, issu de vulnus (« blessure »).

Adjectif[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif vulnerary
Comparatif more vulnerary
Superlatif most vulnerary


  1. Vulnéraire.
    • Rebecca examined the wound, and having applied to it such vulnerary remedies as her art prescribed, informed her father that [...] there was nothing to fear for his guest’s life. – Walter Scott, Ivanhoe, 1819.
    • Take, for example, the famous vulnerary ointment attributed to Paracelsus. – William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, 1902, Folio Society 2008, p. 422 (note de bas de page).
  2. (Archaïsme) (Rare) Qui cause des blessures, blessant.
Note[modifier | modifier le wikicode]
Principalement restreint dans son usage moderne aux travaux sur l’ethnobotanique et la médecine traditionnelle.

Nom commun[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Singulier Pluriel


  1. Vulnéraire.

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