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This template inserts pronunciation information for a Vietnamese word or compound word. It includes pronunciations in some of the main dialects of Vietnam.

Utilisation[modifier le wikicode]

Each entry includes a “Prononciation” section like this:


Parameters 1–10 are for the morphemes (syllables) in a compound word, one morphemes per parameter. This template supports up to 10 words. If the page name only contains one morpheme, there is no need to specify parameters. If a recording of this word is available at Commons, this template will link to it.

Exemples[modifier le wikicode]

Exemple Résultat
Prononciation API
Hanoï Hué Saïgon
ɓɐːk˧˥ xwa˧˧ twa̤n˨˩ tʰɨ˧˧ mə̰ː˧˩˧ ɓɐ̰ːt˩˧ xwa˧˥ twaŋ˧˧ tʰɨ˧˥ məː˧˩˨ ɓɐːt˧˥ xwa˧˧ twaŋ˨˩ tʰɨ˧˧ məː˨˩˦
Vinh Thanh Chương Hà Tĩnh
ɓɐːk˩˩ xwa˧˥ twan˧˧ tʰɨ˧˥ məː˧˩ ɓɐ̰ːk˩˧ xwa˧˥˧ twan˧˧ tʰɨ˧˥˧ mə̰ːʔ˧˩