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Léa Lacroix
Léa Lacroix
Project Manager Community Communication for Wikidata, Wikimedia Deutschland

About me

Hello there! I'm Léa, I’m working at Wikimedia Deutschland as project manager community communication for Wikidata :)

We may have already met on the Wikimedia projects with my personal account, Auregann. I contribute on French Wikipedia, where I used to participate in the newcomers welcoming project, add a few pictures on Commons, and I’m an active member of the local user group laNCO, in which I organized a lots of community events, training sessions and GLAM partnerships since 2011.

My work

I started my position at WMDE to support Lydia on the community communication on Wikidata, and some projects of improving the Wikimedia projects with Wikidata data : I will also support all the structured data efforts for Wikipedia, Commons, Wiktionnary… I’m here to discuss with volunteers who edit the projects, welcome your ideas and suggestions, help to find solutions to your problems and make sure that we can work together to improve our projects and keep editing our favorite knowledge base in a nice atmosphere :)

Disclaimer: This account is used for my work for Wikimedia Germany. My personal account is User:Auregann.

Contact me


IRC: LeaAuregann_WMDE

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