insofar as

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insofar as \ɪn.səʊˈfɑːrəz\

  1. Dans la mesure où.
    • We will pay you insofar as we are satisfied with your work.
      Nous vous payerons dans la mesure où nous serons satisfait de votre travail.
    • Insofar as it expresses an expansion in physical plant, it ought to make possible the production of more goods. — (G.S., "Can a Living Wage Be Paid?", Correspondence, The New Republic 31‎ (no. 392): 50, 7 juin 1922)
    • Hasidism, insofar as it was new—and not all of Hasidism was "new" in this sense—rejected the older hierarchies of celestial palaces, of Intelligences, of hypostases, of sefirot. — (David R. Blumenthal, Understanding Jewish Mysticism, Volume II, page 195, 1982)
    • Insofar as possible, the current edition of a publication is annotated in part 3. — (National Research Council (U.S.), National Science Education Standards‎, page 133, 1996)

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