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monsoon (pluriel : monsoons)

  1. Mousson.
    • The lofty ranges of the Himalaya interpose an almost insurmountable barrier between them and the clouds of the monsoon. — (James McCrone Douie, The Panjab, Northwest Frontier Province and Kashmir, chapitre 5 (« Climate »), volume 1 de Provincial Geographies of India (dirigé par Thomas Henry Holland). Cambridge University Press, 1916.)
    • To the Indian farmers, howecer, the coming of the monsoon is the coming of life itself. — (Article « Life-giving monsoon », page 54. Magazine Life, special issue (« Asia: Its Troubles and Opportunities »), 31 décembre 1951.)
    • With the monsoon approaching, flood-control measures were taken in hand. Bridges were reinforced with heavy stone riprap to shield their piers from the swirling currents. — (Charles F. Romanus et Riley Sunderland, United States Army in World War II : China–Burma–India Theater : Stillwell’s Command Problems, chapitre VII (« Logistics and Administration »), section « Physical Improvements on the Railway », page 271. United States Army, Center if Military History, 1956 (réimpression : 1987).)
    • In many aspects, the large-scale circulations established by the monsoon that extend to the adjacent ocean areas control when and where tropical cyclones will form and where the cyclones will move. — (Russell L. Elsberry, chapitre 13 (« Monsson-related tropical cyclones in Esat Asia »), page 463, dans East Asian Monsoon (sous la direction de Chih-Pei Chang). World Scientific, collection « Wirld Scientific Series on Meteorology in Esat Asia », no 2, 2004.)

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