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Composé de semi- et chrone.

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Singulier Pluriel
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\Prononciation ?\

semichrone \ˌsɛ.mɪ.ˈkrəʊn\, \ˈsɛ.maɪ.ˌkroʊn\

  1. (Linguistique) demi-chrone
    • The only word beginning with a distinctive geminate in SI and FI is (di) Dio [ˈdˑiːo] ‘(of) God’ (owing to historical agglutination of the definite article: il Dio > (I)ddio; we mark this lengthening with a semichrone, conforming to our recording); [...] — (M. Loporcaro, P M Bertinetto, « The sound pattern of Standard Italian, as compared with the varieties spoken in Florence », Journal of the International Phonetic Association, numéro 35(2), 2005, page 134)