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/Prononciation ?/

blueberrying /Prononciation ?/

  1. Collecte de myrtilles.
    • The best barrens for blueberrying lay across the harbor. (Henry James Smith, Amédée’s Son, Houghton Mifflin Company (1908), page 91, 1908)
    • Most joyously recalled is the blueberrying — a pleasure I had not had since my youthful days. Huge ones they, hanging thick and easy; that night when I shut my eyes I saw blueberries, a dense pattern, like wallpaper. (Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Living of Charlotte Perkins Gilman: An Autobiography, University of Wisconsin Press (1991), ISBN 9780299127404, page 231, 1935)
    • No work except for blueberrying in August, crab picking occasionally, and making pine wreaths in December. (Carrie Jones, Love (And Other Uses for Duct Tape), Flux (2008), ISBN 9780738712574, page 74, 2008)

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blueberrying /Prononciation ?/

  1. Participe présent de blueberry.