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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

Dérivé de Africa avec le suffixe -phone.

Nom commun [modifier le wikicode]

Singulier Pluriel

Afrophone \ˈæ.frɒ.fəʊn\

  1. Afrophone.

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif Afrophone
Comparatif more Afrophone
Superlatif most Afrophone

Afrophone \ˈæ.frɒ.fəʊn\

  1. Afrophone.
    • In sixteenth century England the decision to write literature in English rather than Latin was perhaps as significant as the literary rejection of Europhone for Afrophone languages is today. — (Jeannine DeLombard, « Mzee’s New Clothes: Neocolonial Detention as a Spectacle of Invisibility », dans Charles Cantalupo, Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong’o: Text and Contexts, 1995, p. 50)

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