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The Gambia

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(1965) De Gambia, lui-même issu du mandinka Kambra ou Kambaa.

The Gambia \ðə ˈɡæə\ (États-Unis), \ðə ˈɡæm.bɪə\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Géographie) Gambie (pays africain).
    • Negotiations subsequently took place between representatives of Senegal and The Gambia, in an attempt to minimize the adverse effects of the closure on The Gambia’s regional trading links. — (Africa South of the Sahara 2004, 2003, page 934)
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    • Second, the official name of the modern West African country is The Republic of The Gambia; it is properly referred to as The Gambia, with both words capitalized. Before 1965, the British referred to their Gambia River colony as the Gambia (or, officially, the Gambia Colony and Protectorate), without capitalizing the article. I keep this distinction in the text. — (Donald R. Wright, The World and a Very Small Place in Africa: A History of Globalization in Niumi, The Gambia, 2015, ISBN 9781317453895)
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L’article the est une partie du nom officiel depuis son indépendance en 1965, et il est mis en majuscule justement comme La Réunion.

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