Définition, traduction, prononciation, anagramme et synonyme sur le dictionnaire libre Wiktionnaire.

Here is another hybrid lexicographic object with an exploration of vocabulary about library through a visualization of words in constellations. The representation of proxemia between words is intended to give meaning without definition, and provides a form of navigation between words that can allow the discovery of new terms quickly. The vocabulary is primarily aimed at the world of books, but wishes to open up to the world of signs and meanings, although the site presentation page is more lyrical than clear on the direction of this project. This artistic blur may be related to the collaborative nature of the project. Voluntary contributions should be submitted to an editorial committee and are expected from specialists. The entire content is published under a free CC BY-NC-ND license, i.e. freely reusable if the authors are quoted, in a non-commercial way and without modifying the content. This license is therefore incompatible with the Wiktionary and severely limits reuse by third parties. In addition, the following sentence on their website, "Any commercial reuse of data must be subject to prior agreement with Enssib." suggests that the drafters do not plan so much to comply with the user license. Finally, the exploration in the site is pleasant, but it is difficult, at this stage of development of the object and with the way it is described, to know what it will be exactly. A chronicle by Noé.