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Variante de choda.

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  1. (Vulgaire) (Argot) Pénis.
    • 1970±, S. Clay Wilson, as quoted by Blair Haworth, “Meaning of Choad? (and a Peter Jackson question)” (1993 August 11), alt.tasteless, Usenet
      Your choad veins are pulsing love songs
    • 1986, Robert Crumb, Zap Comix, volume 3, unpaged
      What a find...a giant choad!
    • 1993 December 14, Steven Snedker, “Wanking 101 [long]”,, Usenet, as quoted by Richard J. McCunney (December 26)
      We all wank, sonny wiggles his willy, daddy plays with the meat in an orderly and rational way, and granddad’s choad also delivers on a regular basis.
  2. (Vulgaire) (Argot) Perdant.
    • 1985 February 28, Kevin Carosso, “VMS terminal I/O question”, fa-info.vax, Usenet via info-vax
      If you aren’t the type of system manager that likes to be nice to the choad that forgot to log out, then the program has it’s [sic.] other uses
    • 1992 October 12, “x3460afe” from, “sonic fags”,, Usenet
      sebadoh blew sonic youth off the stage, you stupid choad
    • 1997, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, “Pinkeye”, South Park, episode 107
      Stan: Oh man, I feel like a total choad.
      Cartman: Aw, come on Stan. Maybe that’s just because you look like a total choad.

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  • The Mavens’ Word of the Day, 2000 May 31, Random House [1]

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