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curmudgeon \kɚˈmʌdʒən\, \kɜː(ɹ)ˈmʌdʒ.ən\

  1. Une personne bourrue, têtue, de mauvaise humeur, souvent en association au cynisme et au vieil âge.
    • A very "fine old English gentleman", was my grand-uncle Rumgudgeon, but unlike him of the song, he had his weak points. He was a little, pursy, pompous, passionate semicircular somebody, with a red nose, a thick scull, a long purse, and a strong sense of his own consequence. With the best heart in the world, he contrived, through a predominant whim of contradiction, to earn for himself, among those who only knew him superficially, the character of a curmudgeon. — (Edgar Allan Poe, Three Sundays in a Week, 1841)

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