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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif gruff
Comparatif gruffer
\ɡɹʌf.ɚ\ ou \ɡɹʌf.ə\
Superlatif gruffest

gruff \ɡɹʌf\

  1. Bourru.

Dérivés[modifier le wikicode]

  • gruffly
    • I fancy he must have belonged to some society sworn to abstain from bread and jam; for he declined it quite gruffly, as if he were vexed at being tempted with it, and he added that it was his duty to turn us off. — (Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat, VIII, 1889)
  • gruffness

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