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(1878)[1] Dérivé de jingo avec le suffixe -ism[1].

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jingoism (Royaume-Uni) \ˈdʒɪŋ.ɡəʊ.ɪ.zᵊm\ ou (États-Unis) \ˈdʒɪŋ.ɡoʊ.ɪ.zᵊm\

  1. (Indénombrable) Chauvinisme.
    • He came along in the seventies, as English-speaking Canada was beginning to discover that jingoism works just as well up north as it does down south. — (Cathal Kelly, Don Cherry, fired by Sportsnet, hated any changes to hockey – and his imaginary Canada, The Globe and Mail, 11 novembre 2019 → lire en ligne)

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  • Royaume-Uni (Sud de l'Angleterre) : écouter « jingoism [Prononciation ?] »

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