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(XXe siècle) Composé de obese et de -genic.

Adjectif [modifier]

Nature Forme
Positif obesogenic
Comparatif more obesogenic
Superlatif most obesogenic


  1. Obésogène, qui favorise l’obésité.
    • Some authors have characterized the so-called obesogenic family and have observed the similarity between this kind of family constellation and that of the schizophrenic patient (Jimmie Holland, Joseph Masling, Donald Copley, “Mental Illness in Lower Class Normal, Obese and Hyperobese Women”, Psychosomatic Medicine, volume 32, page 351-357, 1er juillet 1970)
    • Thus the changes of lifestyle, concerning diet and physical activity, ie obesogenic environment, was assumed responsible. In addition, the effect of thrifty genotype has been also considered - especially in the countries where obesity […] (Abstracts in anthropology, volume 4, 1973)
    • Ironically, the US's obesogenic environment is one that societies through the ages have dreamed of: tasty cheap food in abundance, and barely a lick of hard work to be done. (New Scientist, 30 octobre 2004, page 46)


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