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Du latin squamosus, dérivé de squama (« écaille »).

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

Nature Forme
Positif squamous
Comparatif more squamous
Superlatif most squamous


  1. Squameux.
    • In the squamous heads of Scabius, Knapweed, and the elegant Jacea Pinea, and in the Scaly composure of the Oak-Rose, which some years most aboundeth. — (Sir Thomas Browne, The Garden of Cyrus (Folio Society 2007), page 180, 1658)
    • I might call it gigantic - tentacled - proboscidian - octopus-eyed - semi-amorphous - plastic - partly squamous and partly rugose - ugh! — (H. P. Lovecraft et Hazel Heald, Out of the Aeons, 1933)
    • We spread the papers on the least squamous section of the floor and lay down; the smell was not so bad at ground level. — (Kyril Bonfiglioli, Don’t Point That Thing at Me (Penguin 2001), page 133, 1973)
    • (And we’ll never find out whether the last thought to pass through the mind of the captain of the Thresher was, "It’s squamous and rugose," or simply, "It’s squamous!") — (Charles Stross, The Atrocity Archive (trade paperback 2006), page 66, 2001)
  2. (Anatomie) Relatif à l’os squamosal.

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