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фуражка[modifier le wikicode]

Hi Notification Pamputt :! Tell me, do you see any difference between common casquette (as shown at the pictures in the article) and military casquette as shown at the picture I've attached.


Or they are exactly the same French word for you?

Because in Russian for military cap like this we have separate word, that is not mixed with common cap at all...

Is there any sense to add another meaning to the casquette article? --Nataraj (discussion) 21 août 2016 à 08:28 (UTC)

Hi Nataraj I am pretty sure that there is a special name for this in French too but I do not know the word. I ask on WT:QM. Pamputt [Discuter] 25 août 2016 à 22:13 (UTC)
Notification Pamputt :! I've tried to read a discussion you've created. It seems to me that they got to some conclusion there. But I did not understand what was the conclusion, as I do not understand French well. Can you tell me in simple words what was it? :-) --Nataraj (discussion) 16 décembre 2016 à 15:55 (UTC)