attention whore

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 Composé de attention et de whore.

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attention whore

  1. (Vulgaire) Personne ayant un besoin pathétique d’attention, m’as-tu-vu.
    • My MTB won’t be an annoying, immature, uncultured, dirty-joke-making boy like Jason. He won’t be an attention whore who is spending every waking minute trying to be the loudest person in a room. — (Lauren Morrill, Meant to Be, page 206. Delacorte Press, 2012.)
    • I click on her page. Ohmygod, what an attention whore, I think as I read all her status updates. — (Amir Abrams, Crazy Love, page 216. Kensington Publishing Corporation, 2012.)
    • I know writers here in New York who don’t even want their shows to get picked up because they don’t want to move to L.A. I’m not like that. I’m too much of an attention whore to let things go unnoticed. — (Gavin McInnes, The Death of Cool: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood, page 245. Scribner, 2012. Note : ouvrage précédemment publié sous le titre principal How to Piss in Public, avec le même sous-titre.)

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