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Du français éclectique, issu du grec ancien ἐκλεκτικός, eklektikos (« sélectif »).

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Nature Forme
Positif eclectic
Comparatif more eclectic
Superlatif most eclectic


  1. Éclectique.
    • Chunder Sen and the Progressive Brahmists broke entirely with Hinduism...and he selected from the scriptures of all creeds what seemed best in them for instruction and for worship. […] It is an eclectic religion: it seeks to select what is good from all religions, and it has become the latest evidence that no eclectic religion can ever influence large numbers of men. (John Robson, Hinduism and its Relations Christianity, page 211, 214, 1893)

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  1. Personne éclectique.

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