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Du français éclectique, issu du grec ancien ἐκλεκτικός, eklektikos (« sélectif »).

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Nature Forme
Positif eclectic
Comparatif more eclectic
Superlatif most eclectic


  1. Éclectique.
    • Chunder Sen and the Progressive Brahmists broke entirely with Hinduism...and he selected from the scriptures of all creeds what seemed best in them for instruction and for worship. […] It is an eclectic religion: it seeks to select what is good from all religions, and it has become the latest evidence that no eclectic religion can ever influence large numbers of men. — (John Robson, Hinduism and its Relations Christianity, page 211, 214, 1893)

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  1. Personne éclectique.

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