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light year

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Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

(1868) Composé de light et de year.

Locution nominale [modifier le wikicode]

light year \ˈlaɪt.jɪə\ (Royaume-Uni), \ˈlaɪt.jɪɹ\ (États-Unis)

  1. (Astronomie) Année-lumière.
    • In the “Astron. Nachrn.” [Astronomische Nachrichten] (1683) [sic : 1868] is an elaborate paper on the proper motion of 70 p Ophiuchi, by Mr. W. Schur [„70 p Ophiuchi. Untersuchung über die Bahn dieses Doppelsterns“, Astronomische Nachrichten, vol. LXXI, no. 1 (February), 1868, p. 1]. He makes its distance from the solar system 1,273,000 times the earth's diameter [sic : distance] from the sun, and its distance measured in "light years" (as the Germans call the space traversed by light in a year) as 20.1. — (“Notes and Memoranda”, in The Student and Intellectual Observer of Science, Literature and Art, volume I, Groombridge and Sons, London, April 1868, p. 240)
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