side effect

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(Date à préciser) composé de side (« côté, bord ») et de effect (« effet »), littéralement « effet de bord ».

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side effect
\ˈsaɪd ɪ.ˌfɛkt\
side effects
\ˈsaɪd ɪ.ˌfɛkts\

side effect \ˈsaɪd ɪ.ˌfɛkt\

  1. Effet secondaire, effet de bord.
    • The contrast-blue is not a colot that has any objective existence—it is only produced upon the retina as a side effect of yellow ; it cannot therefore be moved about by a calc-spar prism. — (C. L. Franklin, recension, en rubrique « Vision », page 323, d'un article de A. M. Mayer, publié en 1893 dans l’American Journal of Science. The Psychological Review, volume I, 1894.)
    • Another side-effect is the creation of slums by those very sectors of the population which were most willing to accept change—the people who dared make the trek from the village or desert. — (Alexander Berler, New Towns in Israel, page 15. Israel Universities Press, 1970.)
    • Orthostatic hypotension is another side effect of antipsychotic drugs. — (Mary Ann Boyd, Psychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice, page 292. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publishers, 3e édition, 2005.)
    • It is possible to alleviate many if the most difficult side effects pharmacologically when necessary. — (Dermot R. Fitzgibbon et John D. Loeser, Cancer Pain: : Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management, page 213. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publishers, février 2010.)

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