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Nature Forme
Positif wizened
Comparatif more wizened
\ˌmɔɹ ˈwɪz.ənd\ ou \ˌmɔː ˈwɪz.ənd\
Superlatif most wizened
\ˌmoʊst ˈwɪz.ənd\ ou \ˌməʊst ˈwɪz.ənd\

wizened \ˈwɪz.ənd\ ou \ˈwi.zənd\

  1. Ratatiné.
    • “Ill-fard, crazy, crack-brained gowk, that she is!” exclaimed the housekeeper… “If it hadna been that I am mair than half a gentlewoman by my station, I wad hae tried my ten nails in the wizen ’d hide o’ her!” (Sir Walter Scott, Old Mortality, chapitre 8, 1816)
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    • He was old, too, wizened with age, and the hair on his face was gray. (Jack London, Before Adam, chapitre 7, 1907)
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    • In the simple fable about old age reconciling itself to memory and destiny, Mastroianni wears the wizened smile of a man who knows he is visiting his youth for the last time. (Richard Corliss, « Cannes: Best-Ever Film by a 101-Year-Old Man », Time, 13 mai 2010)
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Forme de verbe[modifier]

wizened \Prononciation ?\

  1. Prétérit du verbe to wizen.
  2. Participe passé du verbe to wizen.


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