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Composé de an (« un ») et de other (« autre »).

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another \ə.ˈnʌð.ə\ (Royaume-Uni), \ə.ˈnʌð.ɚ\ (États-Unis) singulier

  1. Un autre.
    • Psychologists recruited avid fans of Manchester United. Fans wrote about what ManU meant to them, and were told they would record a short video tribute to their team in another building. — (Jamil Zaki, The War for Kindness, 2019)
      La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)
    • When one list occurs inside another the inner list is said to be nested inside the outer list. — (Ben Stephenson, The Python Workbook (2nde édition), Springer, 2019, page 137)
      La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)

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