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(Date à préciser) Du latin paraphernalis (« paraphernal »).

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paraphernalia \ˌpæɹ.ə.fə.ˈneɪ.lɪə\ ou \ˌpæɹ.ə.fə.ˈneɪl.yə\ pluriel

  1. (Archaïsme) Biens personnels d’une femme, indépendamment de son douaire.
  2. Ensemble d’objets disparates, objets nécessaires à une activité particulière.
    • Above the fireplace is suspended from the roof an apparatus or frame containing pot-hooks and all kinds of cooking paraphernalia. — (John Batchelor, The Ainu and their Folk-Lore, chapter XIV (« Household Furniture »), p. 133. The Religious Tract Society, 1901.)
    • Sales of records, radios, stereos, cassette tapes, and other music paraphernalia indicate that more people than ever are listening to music. — (Shelley Katsh et Carol Merle-Fishman, The Music Within You, p. 155. Simon & Schuster, 1985.)
    • The paraphernalia of a particular occupation includes all the things that one would expect of any follower of that occupation, whether window cleaner or High Court judge – ladders, buckets, wigs, hammers and gavels. — (Steven Connor, Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives of Magical Things, « Introduction: Speaking of Objects », p. 13. Profile Books, 2011.)

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